updos for long hair

Easy Updos for Long Hair

Having long hair takes a lot of work, and some ladies love to constantly show it off. But if you’re short on styling time or looking for some easy new ways to wear your hair, these updos for long hair can provide you with some much-needed inspiration. Longer hair gives you tons of styling options, meaning messy top knots, intricate braided updos and everything in between is on the table when it comes to styling your mane. So the next time you don’t feel like flat ironing or curling your Rapunzel length locks, grab some pins and elastics and create one of these cute and easy updos for long hair, instead!

1Back Braided Space Buns

Double bun hairstyles (aka Space Buns) are a fun and trendy updo that works with hair of just about any length. Ladies with longer hair can add these cute dutch braids running up the back of the head, giving the look extra texture and setting it apart from any basic space buns you might come across.

2Loose Braids Updo

Long hair provides the perfect canvas for this pretty, boho braided updo. Braids wrap around the middle section of the head, while hair at the back of the neck is folded into a messy bun. Be sure to leave some loose, flowing tendrils around the face to keep this updo looking hippie inspired.

3Twisted Double Buns

If you’re looking for something more romantic than a space bun style, these twisted double buns offer the perfect way to wear your hair in two buns without looking too young or trendy. This updo works well for an everyday look or something on the fancier side.

4Folded Three Strand Braid

This braided updo is insanely easy to create on your own. Create a twist on each side of the head and join them together at the back of the neck, then braid hair down to the ends in a three-strand braid and secure with an elastic. To finish, simply fold the braid up and tuck it into itself, using pins to hold in place.

5Spiral Braided Bun

Another easy but chic way to wear your long hair in an updo, this braided bun is created by wrapping a three-strand braid around itself and then pinning in place.

6Side Twist Ponytail

If you’re bored of basic ponytails but really short on time, these side twists add an instant touch of romance in just a few extra seconds. If you’ve got lots of layers in your long hair, product and pins can help prevent little pieces from popping out of this style.

7Wrap And Roll Fishtails

This low, rolled bun hairstyle is a chic updo that’s great for weddings or other special events. The addition of fishtail braids that wrap around the head adds a bit of time to this style, but makes for an extra romantic look.

8Knotted Updo

A simple series of knots creates a chic updo that’s works just about any day of the week. Despite being easy to pull off, this updo is unique enough to turn heads, and you’ll have people asking you about your hairstyle all day or night.

9Box Braided Bun

Protective styles come with tons of options for updos, like this ultra trendy high bun. We love this look both for casual days or when you’re hoping to show off some statement jewelry.

10Side Braided Ponytail

Add this braid to one or both sides of your ponytail to put some rock-and-roll edge in your formerly basic style.

11Folded Braids Updo

Another easy updo that looks complicated, this braided style is perfect for weddings or regular days with no time to spare. To get the look, secure hair into two three-strand braids, one at the nape of the neck and one slightly above it. Wrap the lower braid around itself and pin in place, then wrap the upper braid around the first braid, also pinning in place.

12Messy Crown Braid

If you’re after a braided updo that looks romantic and tousled, try this messy crown braided updo. Loose tendrils around the face help to further soften this look, and give it a casual, next-day vibe.

13Twisted Chignon

This classic, simple updo is perfect for days when you want your long hair to look as clean and professional as possible. Whether you’re headed for a job interview or looking to impress on a first date, you can’t go wrong with this classy, twisted chignon style.

14Jumbo Pull Through Braid

Looking to dress up your long haired ponytail? This pull-through braid is a fun updo that leaves hair looking endlessly thick. This look is a little more time consuming than a basic pony, and you’ll need a bunch of small elastics to pull it off.

15Twisted Braid Buns

Long hair can make it difficult to keep one large, twisted bun in place. This style offers up an interesting alternative method, creating an easy updo out of four twisted braids. Depending on how long and thick your hair is, you might find that adding more or less buns helps this style look best on you.

16Sky High Ponytail

Beyonce’s sky-high style is enough to banish the term “basic ponytail” from anyone’s vocabulary. Position the base of your ponytail above the crown of the head for maximum effect, and curl the ends of your long hair together to create a deliberate and dramatic look.

17Twist Braided Updo

Begin a dutch braid at one side of your head, and work in a diagonal direction as you braid towards the back of the head. Once you’ve reached the ends of hair, pin the loose end of your braid up against the head to finish off this sweet braided updo.

18Scarf Tied Bun

Simple yet très chic, tying a scarf or headband around the base of your bun helps to add some European whimsy without any extra time spent looking in the mirror.

19Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Dress up your basic milkmaid braid by using fishtail braids instead of a simpler three-strand style. This will add some styling time to your look, but pays off for fancier occasions like a wedding or prom.

20Softly Twisted Updo

Looking for a simple updo that’s unique and appropriate for even the fanciest occasions? This softly twisted style will have you looking sweet and romantic for any event. Add extra texture with a miniature crimping iron, or leave hair soft and silky for a more subdued look.

21Crown Braided Bun

This modified crown braided style sets the braid back from the hairline and then finishes with a jumbo bun in the middle. If you’ve got long, thick hair that’s difficult to fit into a classic crown braid style, you’ll love this jumbo bun for fun or fancy occasions.

22Braided Bangs Ponytail

This big ponytail looks anything but bland thanks to some serious volume and messy texture throughout the lengths and french braided bands. If you’ve got a fun night out but no time to wash your hair, this edgy pony will have you feeling yourself until tomorrow.

23French Braid Mohawk

A french braid running down the middle of the head creates a cool mohawk silhouette, providing neat contrast with the rest of this sleek chignon style. To get maximum height in your french braid, use a texturizing spray before braiding, and finish with hairspray to keep it from falling flat.

24Dutch Braided Spiral

Long hair is essential for creating this spiraled dutch braided updo. Once your braid is finished you can gently pull it apart to maximize volume, but it might not be necessary if you’re wearing extensions or have naturally thick hair.

25Fishtail Braid Bun

If you’re looking to take your braid and bun styles to the next level, this fishtail braid running up the back of the head adds the ultimate romantic touch.

26Side French Twist

Situate your french twist off to the side to put a fun new spin on this classic updo. Loose tendrils help to make this look soft and casual, meaning you can pull it off for a regular day at work or a fancier event.

27Pin Up Bun

Adding this fun retro headband will take your basic bun from plain to glamorous in just a few seconds.

28Low Braided Updo

To get this low braided updo, braid hair into three basic braids at the nape of the neck, then roll each one up and pin in place. This easy look will turn heads despite taking very little time to pull off.

29Casual Loose Bun

Keep it super low-key with this easy bun updo that will secure your hair with minimal styling effort. Depending you your hair’s texture and thickness, you might only need one hair elastic to pull this look together.

30Fishtail Bun Updo

Fishtail braids wrap around the head before forming a high bun in this flirty but romantic updo style. If fishtail braids are too time-consuming for you, give this style a try using a simple three-strand braid instead.

31The messy top knot bun updo

Of course the go to top knot bun is on the list. All you need is a hair tie and a brush. Brush your hair to your desired height and loosely tie your hair in a “knot”. The sleek edges the look, look put together.

32Side braid bun updo

The next style is cute and easy. part your hair at the crown on your desired side. Next braid your hair into a loose braid. Then pin it into a pin wheel bun. To make it a little more relaxed pull out a couple pieces of hair for faux fly aways.

33The crown Braid

If you want a more enchanting look especially for spring/summer try a braided crown. This style will keep hair out of your face for those hot days. This is also perfect for winter just throw on your favorite beanie.

34The simple Ponytail updo

Of course a simponytailtail! You may be thinking that a ponytail is going to be boring but it does not have to be. For a sleek and chic ponytail add your favorite styling gel and brush it to the crown of your head. Glam it up with your favorite makeup look or go natural with a tinted lip balm.

35The Minnie bow updo

Bring out the inner kid in you ! I love this hairstyle its fun, cute, and super easy. This is a all new take on the messy bun. My favorite thing is that its not neat and perfect. The messy-ness gives it so much personality. Add some flashy studs and keep the make up simple for this look.

36Ballerina Bun updo

Next we have the ballerina bun. It is a more toned down version of the donut bun. Simply brush your hair into a ponytail ( high, low, side). Then take sections of your ponytail and roll and pin, making sure they all go in the same direction.

37The Twist out updo

If you’re natural then you know how annoying it is to wake up and not have your hair completely dry in the morning. Then your whole day is a mess because you’re having a bad hair day. Well here’s your solution, leave your twist in and simply pin them to the center in a Mohawk like fashion. Not only will you have a cute hairstyle but this is also a way to get that extra length from shrinkage.

38The pineapple pom updo

One of my favorite styles is the pineapple. You can start off on freshly washed hair, a twist out , braid out, or wash and go. Section a portion of your hair off in the front and pull the rest into a high puff. The sideburn leave out on the side is super cute as well. The geeky glasses add a nice touch too !

39Bantu puff updo

Turn your old bantu knot out into a cute puff. Take your favorite styling gel ( Eco Styler) is one of my favorites, add a little to your edges and brush into your desired height. TIP: Use a stocking cap as a scrunchy and it will give you a lot more control. Try finger combing to keep more of your curl pattern. Simply re-twist at night or throw it up into a pineapple. A satin scarf will keep moisture in so that you do not wake up with dry hair.

40Easy braided ponytail updo

Another style that would take you less than 2 minutes to complete is the braided ponytail. As you can see here instead of using a hair tie she used a section of her own hair. This style does not have to be so boring throw on some glitter studs, a headband, or even add hair jewels!

41French roll and tuck updo

Next we have what I like to call the french roll and tuck. With no defined part take and loosly roll and tuck (pin) your hair in one continuous twist. This is the perfect go to style in your job consist of a more professional setting. If you want to make it more fun add a chained headpiece and rhinestone earrings.

42Reversed french braid

Put a twist on the typical french braid, do it backwards. Yes start braiding the hair from your nape instead of your temple area. This makes a super cute bun and once you get the hang of it you can do it in no time. Add a flower crown to this look to make it fun. Flower crowns are also a great DIY, You can even make one with fresh flowers and sticks.

43The turban wrap

One of my favorite and most versatile styles is the turban wrap. You can wear this style in all four seasons with lighter fabrics in the spring/summer and heavier fabrics in the fall/winter. Whats even better is that this is totally a money saver ! Go to your local fabric store and get your favorite colors and prints and make your own. They are extremely easy to make and there are also tons Youtube tutorials.

44Dreaded updo

I love this hair style intended for women with dreads it is a simple side ponytail with the front locs twisted. Add things like shells to complete the nubian look along with a chocolate brown lippie. What is also great about this is you can style these with faux locs .

45Bantu knots updo

Okay these are not actually meant to be worn out but who follows rules anyway? In order to wear these out take time to part your hair neatly. Accessorize with colorful lipsticks, and bold earrings. Gel down your baby hairs so really top off the look. These will last for days with proper care, and you will have a super cute bantu knot out. Yes for two styles in one.

46Tucked bun with bangs

Whether you have dreads, curly hair, or straight hair, you can achieve this style easily. This is very versatile because it can be laid back or formal. It is a roll and tuck bun with a sweep pinned bang. As you can see in the photo the withe and minimal jewelry and makeup made this look very elegant.

47Braided beehive

This look reminds me of nature. I think it’s super different and unique. It it perfect for women with heart shaped faces. To achieve this style part your hair down the center. Next put it in two slightly high pigtails. Then braid the individual pigtails into smaller sections, pin ad desired. Its super quick and easy.

48Sleek bun

Take your simple sock bun and make it red carpet ready. Eva Marcille is rocking this super sleek bun. What took this style to the next level was so simple…The braid. Adding the braid make this style so elegant. Keep your makeup natural with earth and berry tones.

49Afro Puffs

For all of my naturalistas with long hair lets take it back to the 70’s. I am a big fan of Afro puffs. They are simple and cute. My secret is to use elastic bands to prevent creasing in my hair and it also prevents breakage which regular ponytail holders tend to do. I would love to see women rocking these in bold bright colors.

50Curly high ponytail

I love this high ponytail trend. She is seriously giving me Selena vibes in this picture. One of the most popular tools this year are the want curlers. To get this style start on freshly washed hair. Then blow dry and thoroughly moisturize your hair and scalp. Next put your hair into a super high ponytail and add your curls. Don’t have a wand curler ? you can also achieve this style on a fresh twistout or braidout. Stick with neutral makeup tones and dont forget your bronzer. Keep this look glowy.

51half Up Messy Braid



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