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Poetic Justice Braids Inspiration

Box braids or “Poetic Justice” braids as they have most commonly been called in recent years have continued to become a vibrant hair statement in the African American community amongst women. If you’re looking for new box braids inspiration, then check out this list of 35 gorgeous Poetic Justice Braids!

1Red Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids

Want to add a little bit of fire and fierce to your braids? This look not only adds red to your braids but they are also much bigger than the average braid giving your style a look that stands apart from the crowd. To obtain this look you may want to purchase red hair and then begin braiding bigger locs.

2Twisted Poetic Justice Braids

Here is a new twist to the Poetic Justice braid trend. As oppose to your typical braid this style allows you to create the same vibrant look with two strand twists.

3Two high buns

If you like bun styles why not go for 2 high buns half updo?? With the right makeup and some baby hair, this is a gorgeous summer braided style.

4Colorful Splash

These colorful poetic justice braids are great for women who love adding color to their hair in order to make them still feel as if they have creative control even while having their hair in the same braids for months. To obtain this look you must color different parts of your braids. For this look aim for brown, black and blonde.

5African Inspired

This short version of braids are still in line with the poetic justice braiding trend; however, it is specifically for those women who either have shorter hair or want to create the illusion of a shorter hair style. This look is obtained by using shorter braided hair.

6Chic Braids

We love these super long honey color braids! You can easily achieve a newer and trendier look of the traditional Poetic Justice braids, by adding a stylish baseball cap.

7Alicia Keys Inspired

Who don’t love Alicia Keys? She is the definition of beauty, brains and talent so there is no surprise that her poetic justice braids would become fan favorites. To obtain this look add beads to the ends of your hair and have a braid that wraps around your forehead to give the appearance of a Indian head garment.

8Sassy Red Braids

Poetic Justice braids look great in any color, but if RED is your thing, this color definitely stabnds out in the crowd!

9All Blonde Everything

If you love your blonde and refuse to get rid of it even whenever you are transitioning from your own hair to braids it can be hard to let go. This look will allow you to continue to rock your
blonde look by literally having your hair stylist dip your hair in blonde coloring.

10Beyonce Inspired

Every woman loves Queen Bey and if you don’t, we judge you. This Beyonce inspired look will have you looking flawless all while belching out your favorite Beyonce tune in your private time. To obtain this look add beads midway through your hair as you continue to add more length to your hair.

11Jumbo Braids

Big bold and sexy! We absolutely love these half up half down jumbo braids with baby hair. We love how she paired this look with diamond arrings, and leather jacket!

12Blonde and Brown

Multiple colors even when neutral are always fun. If you can’t decide if you want to do all blonde everything or just stick with your natural brown hair color consider doing both. Call it the best of both works. Obtaining this look may call for you to use different colors of hair but you’ll love it.

13Blue Tips

If you’re looking to add spunk to your style maybe these blue tips will give you the look you’re desiring that can easily be redone when you’re aiming to look more professional again. If you want blue tips grab some dye and have at it.

14Braided Ponytail

This is by far one of my favorite looks. It gives you the flexibility to instantly go from professional to relaxed. Simply pull your hair

15Brandy Inspired Braids

One of our favorite braid rocker is also everyone’s favorite girl next door R&B singer, Brandy. This look can be accomplished again by either using longer braids and pulling them to a half high ponytail

16Extra Length

There is something about extra length that makes every girl feel that much girlier and these extra length braids are no different. To get this look consider buying hair that reaches the bottom of your waist and having your stylist begin braiding up top all the way to the bottom.

17Ombre Highlights

Who doesn’t enjoy ombreing their hair? Don’t feel as if braids have to limit that. You obtain this look the same way you ombre your regular hair. You begin adding colors up top and keep doing it until you reach the bottom of the hair.

18Green Braids

Green hair may not be for everybody, in fact, green hair may not be good for many people at all but it’s worth embracing when hoping to give something new with your hair a shot. Like with any other dye to your hair it’s important that you make sure you dip each piece of hair evenly into the dye.

19Half Up and Half Down

Half up and half down is a style that works for many occasions. You can sport it on a night out on the town and also during a casual day at work. This style has a splash of purple with a shaved side and hair tied up into a bun.

20Splash of Purple

These braids gives you a subtle twist by adding in a splash of purple. It still keeps the professionalism while adding in a little bit of excitement. To obtain this look literally dip one braid in dye.

21Poetic Justice With Beads

Beads have a way of making your hair pop a little bit more. Yes, those beads you hated as a child can actually be your friend when styling your hair these days. Pick a section of each braid and incorporate a golden bead.

22Wedding Inspired Updo

Until recently I had no idea that the poetic justice braids could be worn on your wedding day. This updo is a perfect way to take your braids into a more formal look. All you need to do is take your braids and grab a handful of bobby pins and style as wanted.

23TLC Inspired

This look gives a TLC, 1990s girl group vibe. If you’re looking for a fun #throwbackThursday this could be a great start. All you need to do is pretend as if your hair is straight and part your hair into sections and pin up what you want to pin up and keep hanging everything else.

24Braids with baby Hair

Designs are one of the main ways stylist are able to differentiate their styles from others. These subtle parts with baby hair make this style stand apart.

25Another Beyonce Inspired

This look includes medium sized braids with a red garment wrapped around them. This look can easily been done as long as you have scarf on hand. Perfect for a day of athletic fun.

26Shaved Style

R&B Singer Cassie inspired a world of women to shave the sides of their hair and this style pays tribute to her by shaving both sides of the head. In order to get this particular hair style you must first have your stylist (or you) shave both sides of your head before adding the hair in.

27Half Top Knot Braids

If you’re looking for a style that is super sassy, try out the half top knot braided bun. We love the silver braids, beads and baby hair she added. This look is stunning!

28Pink Highlights

Pink highlights may not be the most professional look but if you’re okay with pushing the boundaries a bit perhaps this a style that will work for you. For this look all that is necessary is dipping your hair into pink highlight or dye.

29Poetic Justice Braids with Beads

Jewelry and beads mixed with your poetic justice braids definitely add extra flair to your look. We love this side swept braids and baby hair!

30Twists Braids

Two strand twists continue to be popular in the African American hair community. This look gives the illusion of two strand twists. Grab a big portion of your hair and twist it into a two stand twists and this style is quickly completed.

31Original Janet Jackson Braids

These are the original braids that Janet Jackson wore in the hit movie Poetic Justice. For this look grab your favorite bandana and put your braids into pig tails and you’ll have this look.

32Faux Natural

Because the natural industry is growing even the braiding industry has taken notice by creating styles that will give you the illusion that you’re natural. To get this style combine red, yellow and brown and twist your hair up. Not only will it give you the appearance of a natural style but it will also give you a pretty sleek updo.

33Short Bob

The appearance of a bob hair style. Once you have your box braids braided in cut your hair down to a length that curves into your face creating a bob like style with braids.

34Faux Afro Bow Puffs

Faux afro puffs are one of the coolest ways to switch up your poetic justice braids. Put your hair in two pony tails one on the left side and the other on the right side. Once you have the pigtails then pin both up to the sides of your hair and you have faux afro bow puffs.

35Bandana Styled

To obtain this look style your braids as you typically would and to add an additional flair to it find a hair bow that you can wrap around the top of our hair. Not only will it create a fun look but it will give you a switch up in how you typically wear your braids without having to remove them.



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