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35 Super Easy Updo Hairstyles

Whether you’re searching for a low maintenance wedding style or a pretty way to put your hair up on an average day, complicated updos can be distracting, stressful, and time consuming. If you aren’t confident in executing intricate styles, or you feel that simplicity is the pinnacle of elegance, these effortless updos will have you looking chic and sophisticated in just a few simple steps.

1Low Messy Bun With Bangs

The perfect updo for medium length hair, simply gather hair at the nape of the neck and twist into a bun, while leaving long bangs or face framing layers loose.

2Pinned Up Curls With Headband

For short hair that’s swept back, curl hair all over, then twist and pin messily at the back of your head. A floral headband gives extra definition and helps hold the style together.

3Low Bun With Side Wrap

To get this perfect style for shoulder length hair, leave a small section loose behind one of your ears. Tie the rest of your hair in a low ponytail, but leave as a loop instead of pulling all the way through on your final pass. Use the loose piece to wrap around the loop, concealing the elastic, and secure underneath with pins.

4Double French Braided Updo

Get this regal style with minimal work by parting hair down the middle and french braiding either side. Knot braids together at the back for a formal look that’s easy to achieve.

5Triple Twisted Buns

Try three twisted buns instead of one for an easy way to update this simple style.

6Sleek Chignon

This sophisticated style is timeless and classic. Simply gather hair at the nape of your neck, twist and secure. To ensure your style stays sleek, use a smoothing cream and comb to guide each hair into place.

7Low Messy Bun

Even easier than a sleek bun is one that’s messy and tousled. More versatile for everyday wear, this is also a good option if you’ve got layers in your hair or a natural texture that makes it difficult to keep your hair in a smooth style.

8Braid Wrapped Ponytail

This is one of our favorite braided long hair updos! For a quick way to dress up your ponytail, braid a separate section of hair and use it to wrap the base of your ponytail, concealing the elastic. If you’ve got extra time, try more than one braid for additional flair.

9Simple Twisted Bun With Headband

For bob length hair that won’t go fully into an updo, twist longer layers into a bun while using a headband to keep shorter layers back. Kylie’s neutral headband is perfect for an afternoon running errands, but you can switch to a different material — think leather or satin — to dress this style up for evening.

10Folded Braid With Face Framing Curls

Perfect for shoulder length hair, this simple updo is a braided ponytail folded underneath itself, while hair around the face is left loose and curled. One pass on each side with a large barrel curling iron or flat iron should give you curls you can leave tighter or brush out with fingers to make loose waves.

11Messy Side Knot with Headband

If you’re looking for a bridal style that’s relaxed but more special than leaving your long hair loose, this messy side knot is a DIY bride’s dream come true.

12Messy Pinned Updo For Short Hair

This is an extra messy style where pinned-back short hair verges on frizzy. Hair is centre parted and twisted away from the face for a dash of classic style in this modern take on the updo.

13Fold Over Bun With Bangs

Bob length hair is pulled into a sleek, folded over bun, while short bangs frame the face. This style is an example of how modern trends can be fused with simple style to create an impossibly chic finished product.

14Long Braided Top Knot

For one of the quickest ways to put long hair in a presentable updo, tie hair in a high ponytail, then braid and wrap, securing with pins for a textured top knot that will last all day or night.

15Messy French Braids

We love messy braided updos! Another interesting way to put short to medium length hair up, these french braids are on the messy side, so you won’t have to worry about pulling every strand perfectly. This style becomes a little more complicated with longer hair, as you’ll have to pin the ends of the braids to your head.

16Mid Length Twisted Braid

This mid length hair is twisted into a simple braided bun, while face framing hairs are loosely tucked behind the ears.

17Messy Grecian Style Bun

If you’re looking for elegant and easy updos for long hair, This Grecian-inspired updo is perfect for long, thick hair. Pulled up messily and finished with a laurel headband, pair this hairstyle with an empire waisted wedding gown.

18High Ponytail With Volume and Bangs

Of all the cute and easy hairstyles out there, this bangs updo is a winner! For an easy retro-inspired style, try this teased look on a day when you don’t have time to freshly style your hair. Use a combination of backcombing and texturizing dust to get lots of volume going, then gather into a high ponytail. To get your ponytail to have this kind of height, use a small claw style clip underneath to help push it up.

19Low Bun With Gold Embellishment

Take this simple look to megawatt style with shimmering gold material weaved throughout the bun. If gold isn’t for you, try a length of lace or satin in any color.

20Bouffant French Braid Ponytail

Use texturizing spray to give hair some sticking power before executing this simple french braid and tying into a pony. Using thick strands for the braid will help give it lots of volume, then use the thin end of a comb to puff the braid up and secure with more spray once you’re ready to go.

21High Sleek Top Knot

One of the most chameleon-like updos, a high top knot is popular with early morning hikers and late night party goers. This sleek style is one of the fanciest versions of the top knot, but still quick and easy to pull off. You’ll need to spend a little more time controlling any stray strands or frizz, but it’s still minimal effort considering the polished result.

22Side Bun With Side Sweep

For medium length hair with long layers, try this 1920s style side bun with a sultry sweep of hair over one eye.

23Low Bun With Braided Headband And Bangs

A simple braided headband elevates this style, and is a nice compliment to the face framing bangs. Try this look if you’re into super cute easy updos!

24Dutch Braid Bun

If you already know how to french braid, this dutch braid style will be a cinch. Simply wrap hair under instead of over as you braid, and this thick braid will appear. Finish by twisting into a side bun, and leave loose strands around the face, curled or straight.

25Twisted Bun With Flowers

If you’ve got medium length hair, create this updo by twisting and messily pinning back small sections of hair. For longer locks, consider braiding some hair before pinning, in order to give yourself a lattice to pin hair to. However you choose to execute this style, keep it carefree and let the flowers be the star of the show.

26Side Style With Retro Waves

This is a fairly simple side style that’s been jazzed up with hair jewelry and a soft finger wave for extra texture. If traditional finger waves sound complicated and scary, don’t worry. These waves can be created by brushing out tight curls done with your curling iron.

27Messy and Easy Updo With Chain

For a more unique embellishment than a headband or hair brooch, wrap a gold chain around your head and messy bun. This kind of extra visual appeal means less time worrying about each hair being perfectly in place.

28French Braid With Undercut

An updo for women with short hair and an undercut, the only trick here is using the right products to keep stray hairs from popping out of the braid.

29Simple Bun With Bangs

Having great bangs makes the rest of your hair easy; wrap it in this simple bun and go through your day looking effortlessly chic.

30Low Ponytail With Braid

Do you love low ponytails? Dress up your Monday style by adding a simple braid down one side and plenty of volume to your crown.

31Bun With Back Braid

The only step between this style and your regular bun is a french braid beginning from the nape of the neck. Keep strands thick for a simple, rustic style.

32Bridal French Braids

This is a style that places all of the attention on your face. A perfect choice when you don’t want big, modern hair to clash with your antique lace gown.

33Bun With Hair Tattoo

If you’ve got something this intricate hidden in your undercut, a simple bun is the perfect easy updo.

34Sleek Low Twists

An ultra sophisticated way to put shoulder length hair in an updo, this style shines thanks to lots of volume at the crown and sleek twists with ends neatly tucked away.

35Retro Head Wrap

This is a super easy updo! Whether your hair is in a bun, braids or a ponytail, adding a retro head wrap is the ideal solution for covering flaws and adding flair when you’re seriously short on time.

We hope you enjoyed this list of quick and easy hairstyles and updos!



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