Messy Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair


Messy Updos For Long Hair

Growing long, luxurious locks takes time and effort, but so does perfectly styling a longer head of hair. Whether you need to get your hair together in 5 minutes or you prefer a laid-back style even on special occasions, messy updo hairstyles offer up a huge variety of ways to tie your tresses together. “Messy” doesn’t mean zero styling effort, and using volumizing mousse or texturizing products can provide your hair with help to create the perfect messy style you’ve been looking for. From loosely braided bridal updos to classic lazy-day styles, these are 35 of the best messy updo hairstyles for long hair.

1Messy Twist Bun

A messy cross between a french twist and a bun, this updo is a versatile way to style your long hair for work or a special event when you don’t have time to put together a perfectly polished updo.

2High Curls Pony

For a messy updo that makes the most of your natural texture, tie your long curly hair in a super high ponytail and let curls fall forward over your face.

3Two Strand Braid With Low Bun

A two-strand braid running down from the hairline helps to quickly add texture and romance to long hair that’s a little on the messy side. The finished updo looks tousled yet chic, and is perfect for just about any occasion.

4Fancy Updo With Mini Braid

This low updo is fancy enough that you can wear it to a wedding, but messy enough that you’ll still feel like yourself. Throw in some mini braids for added texture and an extra touch of romance.

5Jumbo High Bun

This jumbo bun is piled high on top of the head, creating a formal yet sexy updo. Leaving loose tendrils helps add to the messy look, and you can add more or less of these depending on your specific hair texture.

6Twisted Bridal Style

This twisted bridal updo is just a tad loose and messy, making it appropriate to wear with a formal gown or something a little more laid back. Tiny floral accessories help to give this hairstyle a sweet, woodland vibe, but you can easily swap them out for something a little fancier.

7Bun With Headband

Whether you’re extra short on styling time or you just love to accessorize with as many colors and textures as possible, this headband helps to hold long curly hair together in a messy bun style.

8Simple Pulled Back Style

Long, layered hair is perfect for sweeping up and away from the face, in a style move that really brightens up your features. You can finish this look off with a simple ponytail or a messy bun at the nape of the neck.

9French Braid Pony

A few loose stitches of french braiding help elevate this low ponytail from an everyday style to something with romance and whimsy.

10Dutch Braid Updo

A romantic dutch braid runs from the front of hair to the back, while the rest of the hair is braided and pinned to the back of the head. The braids in this style aren’t particularly messy or pulled apart, but a tousled, frizzy effect helps this updo look like you’ve scored the perfect case of bed head.

11Messy Low Ponytail

With lots of volume at the crown of the head, this low ponytail is more artfully disheveled than downright messy. Put some wavy texture in the loose pieces around your face to help them look more deliberate, and tease your ponytail for some extra oomph.

12Pulled Back Pony

This pulled back ponytail is a very simple style, but looks a little bit edgy thanks to some messy teasing at the crown of the head and throughout the ponytail.

13Messy Crown Braids

Whether it’s your wedding or someone else’s, these messy crown braids are the perfect updo for when you want your long hair to look romantic yet laid back. Accessorize with flowers to tie in with a theme, or go without to let your braids look a little more low-key.

14Preppy Pony

A high messy ponytail is the perfect way to wear your long hair on days spent writing papers or cramming for exams.

15French Braid Low Bun

This loose french braid makes its way down the head before meeting up with a sweet and simple folded bun. This messy updo for long hair can be worked into almost any occasion, from a boring day at the office to more photo-worthy events.

16Messy Low Chignon

Boho brides who don’t want to wear their hair down will love this messy low chignon. Your hair stays secure enough to not be a worry during a windy outdoor ceremony, while some loose tendrils keep this updo from looking too done up.

17High Ponytail

Easy and fun, this high ponytail will get you through everything from impromptu road trips to early morning exams. To give your high ponytail a little extra texture, use a texturizing spray or spray clay before you secure hair in place.

18Messy Waves Bun

Big volume at the top of the head helps to make this messy waves bun look a little bit fancier than your everyday bun hairstyle.

19Low Curls Bun

Throw your natural curls in a low bun for a messy updo that’s easy to re-adjust throughout the day as needed. If you’ve got shorter layers around your face, leaving them loose provides a frame to help soften your features.

20Messy Bridal Bun

A perfect mixture of messy and romantic, this bridal updo will have any long-haired bride feeling like a goddess on her wedding day.

21French Braid Updo

A messy french fishtail braid helps to secure long hair in place from hairline to bun, creating a gorgeous updo that can work for both brides and wedding guests. Because this braiding technique can be time consuming, you might want to ask a friend to help you execute this messy updo to perfection.

22Chic Centre Parted Pony

With a centre part and hair pulled tightly back, this updo looks great on women with oval shaped faces who love to show off their features. Combining this hairstyle with messy texture in your hair helps to prevent the tightly-pulled pony from looking too severe.

23Soft Braided Updo

The braids in this bun have been gently and carefully pulled apart to make them occupy more space, while some loose pieces help add to this updo’s messy-chic aesthetic.

24Chain Link Ponytail

A few stitches of a chain link braid at the neck create an incredibly simple yet chic way to tie your hair in a loose, messy ponytail. Once you’ve tried this trick once, you’ll be surprised at how often you can use it to spruce up your long hair when you’re short on time.

25Messy Braids Bun

Pulled apart three-strand and fishtail braids create the perfect frame for a super messy low bun.

26Folded Bun

A simple folded bun keeps long hair in place without drawing attention for being too messy or too fancy.

27Loose Thick Braid

It takes a head of incredibly long, thick hair to get this messy hairstyle just right. With hair in thick twists that blend into a loose braid, this messy style looks like it was made to be worn on a romantic adventure.

28Bridal Curly Bouffant

With a rounded shape and some loose tendrils, this bridal updo looks like a cross between a messy bun and perfectly styled vintage beehive. Accessorize with jewelry or flowers to tie this look in with your wedding day decor, or wear it plain and simple for another occasion.

29Messy Mohawk Braid

This messy mohawk braid is a work of styling perfection, creating an edgy yet feminine look that’s fit for even the fanciest affairs.

30Messy Piled Bun

With hair piled loosely on top of the head, this messy bun is about as casual as a look gets, and can be simply held together at the base with a clip. If you’re hoping to dress this hairstyle up a bit, be sure to include some loose face-framing tendrils.

31Space Buns

Two buns are more fun than one! This cheeky hairstyle looks fun and flirty with long hair that’s loosely wrapped into buns.

32Messy Curls Bun

This simple bun is perfectly framed with loose curly tendrils, making it an easy choice for curly-haired ladies in a rush out the door.

33Spiral Crown Braid

Featuring a messy spiral braid that works its way in to the crown of the head, this is a great look for novice braiders who find perfect plaits a pain to execute.

34Beachy Top Knot

Do you crave the perfect mess of long hair after a day spent soaking up ocean surf and sun? Use sea salt and texturizing sprays to get this beachy top knot even on landlocked days.

35Forest Tendrils Updo

This low, messy updo is perfect for carefree brides, while the addition of the sweet floral wreath makes it the perfect hairstyle for an outdoor wedding ceremony.




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