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How To Do A Crown Braid | How To Do A Halo Braid AND 30 Halo Braid Styles

If you want to feel both royal and romantic for a big event like a wedding or just to perk up your style on an ordinary day, the crown braid, also known as the halo braid, is the latest braided hairstyle you need to try. Unlike the more common three strand and french braids that we’re used to seeing on a fairly regular basis, the crown braid brings an elevated level of style that’s more simple than a curled and pinned updo, but more romantic than a plain bun or ponytail.

1How To Do a Crown Braid: DIY Crown Braid

Sometimes referred to as a halo braid or milkmaid braid, the crown braid is basically a french or dutch braid that circles the perimeter of your head. Begin with a section of hair from along the hairline at your forehead, divide it into three sections and begin braiding using a french or dutch technique by adding hair into the braid as you continue on. Keep braiding around towards the back of the head, eventually wrapping the braid back around to where you started. Depending on how long your hair is, you might need to keep braiding past this point until you reach the ends of your hair, then secure with an invisible elastic and pin the end of braid inside of your crown to conceal it. If you need some inspiration before you try this style out on your own, take a look at these 30 crown braid styles fit for any queen.

2High Volume Crown Braid

Julianne Hough’s pictured style pulls off the impressive feat of having lots of volume but without looking messy. When pulling apart braids to add height and definition, be sure to begin gently and carefully, as pulling too hard can ruin the braid and mean you’re starting over from scratch.

3Thick Milkmaid Braid

In this type of crown braid often called a milkmaid braid, long hair is braided in a three strand braid behind one ear, then wrapped over the head and pinned behind the other ear. The end result is a similar looking style that takes much less time to pull off, and is more suited to less formal occasions that still call for ultra stylish braids.

4Elegant Crown Braid

Instead of wrapping all the way around the head, this modified crown braid style features a french braid from either side of a deep side part, and pins hair together at the back of the head for an elegant updo.

5Whimsical Wedding Crown Braid

By leaving some loose strands of hair around the face, this wedding-ready crown braid keeps things soft and romantic for your big day. Accessorize with floral elements taken from your bouquet to add an extra level of sweetness to this wedding look.

6Ultra Regal Halo Braid

With not a hair out of place, Emma Watson’s crown braid style shows how powerful and elegant this hairstyle can look. If you’re hoping to get an equally flawless crown braid for a special occasion, we recommend practicing in advance to work out any kinks ahead of time.

7Twin Crown halo Braids

Made from two french braids that begin near the front of the head, this subtly elegant style is perfect for anyone who wants a crown braided hairstyle that won’t feel like it’s overwhelming their face.

8Messy Milkmaid Braid With Flowers

Let things get a little wild and frizzy if you’re looking for low-key wedding day hair to go along with your outdoor ceremony. We love flower accessories for an easy added touch that can even take the place of carrying a bouquet for non-traditional brides.

9Double Level Crown Braids

With dutch braids that begin on either side of a centre part and then turn into fishtail braids that wrap back around the front, you’ll need some seriously long hair to pull off a crown braid style as impressive as Ciara’s.

10Sleek Crown Braid

Unlike some of the chunkier or pulled apart braids, this sleek style is made with a perfectly uniform braid, while loose tendrils around the face help to balance the look with some softness.

11Asymmetrical Crown Braid

The off centre positioning of this braid helps create a cute and funky stylet that’s casual yet chic.

12Two Strand Crown Halo Braid

Simple and elegant, this twisted two strand style puts a slight spin on the traditional crown braid without being too complicated or difficult to get right.

13Fishtail Crown Braid

If you want to upgrade your braids for a special occasion, try a crown braided style that uses the more intricate fishtail technique. This braid is more time consuming and can be difficult to do on your own hair, so we’d advise getting a stylist or friend to help you recreate this look.

14Pastel Pink Crown Braid

Braids pop with any multidimensional hair color, but we’re especially loving the mixture of an elegant crown braid with the modern vibe of bubblegum and pastel pink shades.

15Elegant Milkmaid Braid

This milkmaid braid shows how the style can be dressed up as a bridal look, and features soft wispy tendrils of hair to frame the face. If your hair isn’t long enough to wrap all the way from behind one ear to the other, make one braid behind each ear, and wrap them over your head and pin together in the middle.

16Angled Double Crown Braid

By strategically pulling apart your angled crown braid, you can create this side swept style that has the same effect of framing the face and drawing the eye as side swept bangs.

17Half Up Crown Braid

If your hair is very long and thick, getting it all secured in a crown braid style can be tough. For the best of both worlds, try this half up style that uses the crown braiding technique, but leaves the lower section of hair loose.

18Spiral Crown Braid

Putting a different spin on the style, this spiral braid actually begins with a small section at the crown of the head, slowly braiding in a spiral motion until the ends of the hair are reached.

19Fishtail Wrap Around Crown Braid

Showing another slight variation on the crown braiding technique, this style begins by braiding two fishtails at the back of the head, then wrapping them around the front to create a crown.

20Red Carpet Milkmaid Braid

With her signature blend of bohemian style and Hollywood glamour, Sienna Miller’s red carpet milkmaid braids were years ahead of the current braid obsessed trends.

21Skinny Crown Braids

Featuring several skinnier crown braids instead of the standard style, Kerry Washington brings some modern edge to the romantic braided look.

22Simple Dutch Crown Braid

With hair looking like spun gold, this simple crown braid proves that this technique looks great even with minimal styling and accessories.

23Messy Milkmaid Braid

Mixing bohemian flair with a couture gown, Jennifer Lawrence’s milkmaid braid brings softness and glamour that you can add to any outfit.

24French Crown Updo

This classic french braided crown is one of the rare styles that could be worn by a flower girl, bridesmaid, or bride, making it a great option if you’re thinking of having matching hairstyles at your wedding.

25Pastel Crown Braid With Bangs

We don’t see as many crown braided styles combined with bangs, but there’s no reason why these two looks can’t go together. Use a milkmaid technique to wrap braids around your head and keep your perfect face-framing bangs right where you like them.

26Loose Dutch Crown Braid

Use a dutch braiding technique to create your crown braid, then gently pull strands apart until you’ve achieved this picture perfect loose look. To avoid braids that completely slip apart, use this technique on hair that hasn’t been washed for at least one day.

27Dutch Braided Crown

This interesting look from Iggy Azalea is created with two dutch braids beginning at the nape of the neck and working up towards the face. The remaining hair is finished in a thick braid that actually appears to sit on top of the head rather than wrap around it.

28Fishtail Milkmaid Braids

Braid a fishtail behind each ear then wrap them over the top of your head to get this fishtail milkmaid braid even if your hair isn’t ultra long. If you’re a beginner at fishtail braiding, this braided style is one of the easiest to pull off, as you won’t have to braid behind your head where it’s difficult to see.

29Five Strand Crown Braid

Ready for some advanced braiding techniques? Grab a friend and start practicing this super intricate five-strand crown braid. Perfect for a wedding or other special occasion worth spending the extra time.

30Half Up Braided Crown

Want a crown braid and curls on your wedding day? Use the crown braiding technique without picking up sections of hair from the bottom layers, and the end result is this half up style that’s wedding ready.

31High Crown Braid

Sitting farther back on your head, this crown braid makes for a more simple looking style when viewed from the front, while keeping the romantic feel of a fully braided updo.



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