Teal Hair Color Guide

The enduring trend towards unnatural hair colors is inspiring women of all ages to ditch the color they were born with. Shades like lavender and pink have been popular for years, but more alternative looking colors like teal are quickly rising in the ranks. If you want to try a bold new hair color that’s dark and moody or mermaid inspired, teal strands will help your look stand out amongst a sea of other brightly colored styles. Read on for tips about how to go teal, brand recommendations, and to see 30 examples of gorgeous teal hair color.

1Teal Hair Tips

Turning your hair into a teal masterpiece can take some work if you’ve got dark hair, as it will need to be chemically lightened before you can apply your teal dye. For hair that’s been chemically lightened to an orangey yellow shade, applying blue dye may help you achieve a teal hair color, but lightening further will help you to get more accurate results. If you’re looking to match teal hair with your specific complexion, bluish teal is more flattering on warmer skin tones. If you’ve got cool undertones, try going more towards green. Lighter pastel teals look great with fair skin tones, while ladies with medium complexions can opt for a saturated jewel tone teal. Darker skin tones look great with multiple shades of teal, ranging from a deep rich color to pastels and just about anything in between.

2Recommended Brands: Manic Panic

If you’re planning to go teal at home, the multitude of brands to choose from can make it a confusing choice. Manic Panic’s semi-permanent hair color will leave your hair feeling nourished and comes in an impressive variety of shades that can be used on their own or mixed together to create your perfect teal look.

3Recommended Brands: Special Effects

Special Effects dye is a beloved brand thanks to its very long lasting color, and it makes a good choice for anyone who wants to do touch-ups less frequently. “Sonic Green” is a rich shade that will give you a greenish blue color that looks great on its own or against dark brown or black roots.

4Recommended Brands: Directions

La Riche’s Directions is another good option for semi-permanent hair color, and both their “Turquoise” and “Alpine Green” shades can give you a cool teal hairstyle.

5Recommended Brands: Punky Colour

With long-lasting color and a low price tag, Jerome Russell’s Punky Colour is a great budget buy for at-home hair dye. It doesn’t come in as many shades as some other brands, but “Turquoise” is a winner for anyone looking to go teal.

6Teal Color Melt

If you’re all about dimensional color, try wearing your teal hair in a color melted style that transitions from deep blue roots to rich teal and aqua ends.

7Teal Dip Dye

If you’re looking for just a touch of teal in your hair, dip dye styles are easy to do on your own at home and aren’t as big of a commitment as going teal from roots to tips. To get a nice vibrant color like this over dark hair, you’ll need to lighten hair before applying semi-permanent teal color.

8Deep Rich Teal

This saturated teal is an incredibly gorgeous color that’s especially flattering against skin with yellow undertones. Wearing a hair color that’s not a neutral can be a big adjustment, but don’t let it stop you from including other bold colors in your makeup and clothing.

9Teal Hair with Blue Tips

A base color made up of a dark and stormy shade of teal gets a touch of lightness with a lighter blue color applied to the very tips of hair. If you’re going to go all-in on a blue hairstyle, why not be bold and mix different shades together in one incredibly cool style?

10Choppy Teal Bob

This choppy bob features two different shades to create an edgy teal look. La Riche’s Directions semi-permanent dye in “Alpine Green” has been applied to the underneath layers while the very outside is dyed using their “Turquoise” shade.

11Muted Teal and Blue Tones

Muted green and blue colors play together in this chic and dimensional teal look.

12Black and Teal Emo Layers

The razor textured layers and side bangs in this scene style are enhanced by a vibrant shade of light teal.

13Teal Ombre Lob

A lob haircut that lands somewhere between the shoulders and collarbone is flattering on almost everyone. If you’re been wearing the look for a while, dressing it up in teal ombre can refresh your style in an edgy way.

14Vibrant Turquosie

Try Directions semi-permanent dye in the color “Turquoise” if you’re looking for a gorgeous rich style that features the perfect blend of blue and green hues.

15Peekaboo Teal Color

Touches of teal and blue streaks peek out from underneath darker hair to create a hairstyle that’s perfect for your first foray into wearing vibrant or unnatural hair color.

16Bold Teal Roots

With teal roots and a pinkish red ombre, this is one of the most unconventional looks on our list. These complimentary colors create a delicious looking palette that’s perfect for spring or summer.

17Teal Hair with Blue Roots

Pulp Riot hair color is a professional grade product that’s much loved for its long-lasting colors. Resistance to bleeding also makes this brand a favorite when using more than one shade, like this style that features Pulp Riot in “Nightfall” at the roots with “Aquatic” color throughout the rest of the strands.

18Dusty Teal

This nice dusted teal leans a little more toward the green side, making it a good choice for fair skin that has cooler undertones.

19Greenish Teal Braid

This rich, greenish teal hair color looks gorgeous up against darker roots, and is perfect for showing off in braided hairstyles.

20Voodoo Blue Ombre

Manic Panic dye is a favorite among DIY queens who like to do their own crazy hair colors. This style features “Voodoo Blue” in a simple ombre that will grow out with ease.

21Denim Blue with Teal

Denim blue hair is a nice way to upgrade your darker locks, and teal is the perfect color for adding some highlights to your denim blue mane.

22Rich Teal with Dark Roots

Teal looks gorgeous with dark brown or black hair, giving you the perfect excuse to leave some roots exposed when you decide to add this bold color to your hair.

23Midnight Blue with Teal Highlights

Another gorgeous example of using teal as a highlight,this style shows how the lighter flecks of blue green really enhance a darker shade like midnight blue.

24Pravana Teal Bob

Pravana professional color created this unbelievably chic teal bob. If you’re looking for a full head of high quality, long-lasting color, a salon dye job using Pravana will cut down on the frequency of touch ups.

25Teal Rainbow Hair

With the ability to turn your hair any color in the world, there are tons of different ways to wear a rainbow on your head. These curated colors in teal, pink, and dusty blue are a unique take on a rainbow hairstyle, and a great way to ensure nobody else will have the same hair as you.

26Teal Peekaboo

These teal peekaboo highlights offer just the right amount of color, and are easy to do at home.

27Subtle Teal Ombre

This teal hairstyle keeps things super subtle with a dark shade that blends into a natural black base color. If you’re on the fence about trying teal hair or worried about pulling it off in your workplace, this is a good starter style that won’t draw too much attention.

28Teal Bob with Purple Roots

Purple tinged roots give way to a rich shade of teal, making this bob look incredibly vibrant and dimensional.

29Layered Teal Color

With a dark teal applied throughout hair’s lower layers and a pure black shade higher up, this layered look lets you wear a ton of teal hair without the worry for frequent root touch ups.

30Teal Blues Undercut

Lots of undercut styles feature a vibrant color on hair’s longer pieces while the shaved area is left in a natural color. This undercut style defies that convention, and even the undercut nape is colored in an ultra vibrant teal shade.

31Muted Teal Ombre

Muted teal is the perfect compliment to your long, dark hair, and will be easy to refresh color without the need to lighten it repeatedly.

32Mermaid Teal Hair

Looking for a lighter shade of teal to compliment your fair skin? Manic Panic’s “Mermaid” is a soft take on the hair color that will have you looking like everyone’s favorite mythical water-dwellers.

33Sonic Green

For a green tined take on teal hair, Special Effects in “Sonic Green” is a favorite for its rich, long lasting color.

34Atomic Turquoise

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, try Manic Panic’s “Atomic Turquoise” in their stronger Amplified formula.

35Dark Rich Teal

This dark shade of teal blends perfectly with natural black hair to create a moody look.

36Teal Ponytail

This teal pastel color so pretty and creates a soft light look.

37Teal Bangs

Want to go for an edgy look? This purple and teal combo looks amazing!



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