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25 Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are easy to do and are here to stay this year! If you keep it minimal then this is an everyday hairstyle because it seriously only takes less than 30 seconds to do. On the other hand, ponytails do not have to be plain and boring, you can add textures like waves, crimps, and curls just to name a few to amp up your style. Ponytails have been a huge trend the last two years. You have seen celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Beyonce and Ariana Grande rock this look. Ponytails bring out the best features like cheekbones and jaw lines. You can experiment with colors, and lengths as well.
Are you ready to step up your ponytail game? Then take a look of a list of 25 ponytail hairstyles that we handpicked just for you.

1Mid ponytail with hump

Here we have a mid ponytail with light curls on the ends. It has a hump near the crown and also a split bang. This style is slightly messy and looks great paired with the gold coral tones.

2Beyonce’s sleek golden ponytail

Here we have Beyonce rocking her infamous golden color this time in a sleek low ponytail. We love how she paired this with a classic red lip and diamond studs.

3Low ponytail with side swept bang

Here is Rihanna wearing a low ponytail with a side swept bang. We love that she opted for a jet black color with a orange pop on the lips. Her dainty accessories really added the chic to the look.

4High sleek ponytail

Here we have Ciara rocking a high ponytail. This style really shows off her beautiful and strong features. The pop lip color really adds a fun twist to this glam look.

5Light waves middle ponytail

Lauren Conrad is known for her enchanted style. So it was no surprise to us when she added light waves to pull off a dreamy look. Pair this with a pastel makeup look and you’re good to go.

6Totally twisted side ponytail

Looking for something a little more interesting? Try this twisted side ponytail by making three jumbo flat twists in your hair then tie into and low side ponytail.

7Mid pony with side fishtail braid

We love this slightly edgy look. It is a mid ponytail with one fishtail braid going to the side. We love that the braid also acts as the ponytail holder as well. g

8High fashion bow

We love this romantic loose ponytail with the bow implement. You can adjust this to fit to an everyday style by placing into a low ponytail or making the bow smaller.

9Gladiator ponytail

If you’re not afraid to get a couple of stares then rock this futuristic sleek ponytail that Selena Gomez is wearing. It is a long tight fishtail braid that has ribbon tied to both ends.

10Simple pony with bangs

Reese Witherspoon looks bright and vibrant in this simple ponytail with a chinese bang. She paired with minimal accessories and minimal makeup giving her a fresh look.

11Short and sleek ponytail

Do you have your hair cut in a short style? Pull off this super chic short ponytail. Add a defined part and dress it up with your favorite statement earrings. Tip: Jet black makes your hair look up to 10x more healthy.

12High Ponytail Highlights

This simple blonde highlights ponytail style looks so gorgeous on Gigi Hadid! This sleek back hairstyle really shows off her beautiful eyes and the natural peach tones makeup gives an overall glamorous look.

13Messy curled pinned ponytail

Day old curls? Don’t comb them out, instead put them in this super cute curly ponytail. The
curls will add a lot of texture to your style and gives you an excuse to go that extra day without washing your hair.

14Natural braided ponytail

Kerry Washington is looking stunning in this simple yet stylish braided ponytail. This is very natural if you do not like to draw a lot of attention. It is also the perfect everyday hairstyle because of it’s sleek nature.

15Wet and wavy ponytail

We love this wet and wavy look from Ciara. It is street style with a touch of chic. We love how she paired it with a sporty jacket, minimal makeup, and dainty jewelry.

16Half up and down ponytail

J-lo is known for her voluminous hair and these teased curls are second to none. She has the crown area of her hair in a top knot ponytail and the bottom half free flowing.

17Braided side ponytail

Here is Lea Seydoux before she went with her shorter new cut. She is rocking her long golden blonde tresses in this simple messy side braid. She added a bit of glam by pairing this look with flashing small golden earrings.

18Chic high braided ponytail

How chic is this top braided ponytail? We love that the braid creates a bun at the base because it gives the style some uniqueness. The red and gold combination goes perfectly to complete the look.

19Natural curly side ponytail

Do not disturb your natural curl pattern with this easy curly side ponytail. This is perfect for any occasion and the double side braid adds a touch of bohemian vibes to the overall look.

20Dreaded side ponytail

For our women with dreads, you can try this cute style that is pulled to the side with a light bang. Add things like loc jewelry, shells, and beads to add some character and fun to your look.

21French braid ponytail

This side French braid ponytail can be created by one or two side braids along the sides of your head. To make this look a little more edgy you can always add a small bouffant in the center. This look is great for both daytime activity and evenings.

22Pineapple pony

For all of our natural women rock your pineapple. It does not only have to be a night time hair style. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner and oil and you’re all set to go.

23Goddess pony

How adorable is this spiral curly ponytail? You can achieve this look by first curling your hair with a curling wand. Then find a position in your lower back area and add your favorite hair tie. Pair with a nude lipstick and chunky gold accessories.

24Yaki Ponytail

If you’re a WOC Nicki shows you how to rock a ponytail that looks very natural because of its yaki texture. We are loving Nicki’s more toned down looks.

25Top knot side ponytail

Because caused an uproar on twitter and instagram when she walked the red carpet in this stunning crystal gown and super high curled ponytail. Beyonce never fails to impress and she has our vote for this look.

26Box Braid Ponytail

Solange definitely made a statement with these thigh length box braids. She has them styled at the center of her head but more off to the side. We are totally feeling old school vibes here. Solange never disappoints us with her style.




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