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31 Ghana Braids Styles

If you’re looking for a protective style to keep your natural hair secured in a way that requires minimal styling, Ghana braids offer up the perfect mix of trend and ease. Ghana braids are attached to the scalp, and look similar to regular cornrows but have a slightly different shape. Extensions are gradually added in as the braid progresses, which results in a natural looking style that gets thicker as the braid continues farther along. Sometimes called banana braids or Ghana cornrows, there are tons of different ways to wear these gorgeous braids, and you can expect to get a couple of weeks out of them if properly cared for. To get some fresh ideas for your next braided install, take a look at these fresh and modern Ghana braid styles.

1Long Two Tone Ghana Braids

These long Ghana braids feature both black and blonde hair, creating a two-tone look that’s bold and pretty. If you’re looking for next-level technique, a skinny cornrow in between the larger Ghana braids helps to create an interesting dimension of textures and shapes.

2Ultra Long Natural Look Braids

These ultra long Ghana braids have a natural look after leaving some hair out of the braids at the edges. To keep these hairs from looking frizzy, you’ll want to invest in a good quality edge control product to use while you wear these braids.

3Triple Blonde Braids

This triple Ghana braid style features three fairly thick braids and uses blonde extensions to really make their texture pop. If you lead a very active lifestyle, this Ghana braid look offers up a trendy hairstyle that keeps hair secured and out of your face for weeks at a time.

4Spiral Pattern Ghana Braids

Beginning at a single point at the top of the head, these spiral pattern Ghana braids offer up a slightly different look than more popular braid pattern that works straight back from the forehead. If you’re planning on installing your own Ghana braids, this style might be best left until you’ve mastered more simple patterns.

5Ghana Braid Pigtails

Whether or not you decide to try these Ghana braids using bright, rainbow-colored extensions, this high pigtail style is one of the most fun and vibrant way to wear the braids.

6Low Bun Ghana Braids

A classic Ghana braid style also lends itself to being worn in sophisticated updos. Depending on how long your braids fall down your back, you can twist them into a spiral shaped bun and secure in place with pins or a hair elastic.

7Curved Pattern Braids

This beautiful curved pattern features two sections where Ghana braids begin close together and then get progressively thicker as more braiding hair is added to them. The gradual progression of these braids is achieved by adding very small amounts of hair as you braid, and can take patience and practice to get just right.

8Ghana Braid Cornrow Ponytail

This Ghana braid style is great for women who prefer to wear their hair in high ponytails, and comes with the added ease of waking up in the morning with a sexy ponytail all ready to go. If you’re looking for some versatility, this style can also be styled into a high bun.

9Fishbone Ghana Braids

With teeny tiny cornrows framing thicker Ghana braids, this fishbone pattern style is an impressive work of art that takes time and experience to get just right. Your patience will pay off with an incredibly unique style that should last longer than a more plain Ghana braid style.

10Purple Ombre Braids

Whether you’re after this purple style or a different shade of ombre Ghana braids, your local hair supply store and online retailers offer up tons of different options for pre-dyed synthetic hair.

11High Bun Braids And Twists

This intricate braided style features thick Ghana braids and skinny cornrows that run parallel to them. The loose section of this hairstyle is finished in a two strand twist or rope braid, which you can wear in a ponytail or high bun as pictured.

12Skinny Ghana Braids

In this skinny Ghana style, braids are only attached to the scalp halfway down the back of the head. This braiding technique gives you more room to play with hair, and the ability to wear your braids up or down.

13Chunky Ghana Braids

Extra chunky Ghana braids make for a bold style that flatters women of all hair textures. Most long Ghana braid styles require about 6 packs of hair, but you may need to use more if you’re going for an extra thick style like this one.

14Half Up Ghana Braids

The braid pattern used in this Ghana look creates a half-up style that can be worn in either a ponytail or twisted bun look. It’s perfect for women who like the combination look of hair that’s pulled up high away from the face and longer braids running down the back.

15Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

This braided style features an asymmetrical pattern that combines thick Ghana braids with skinnier cornrows at a variety of differing angles. If you like the popular boxer braids style that tons of celebrities are wearing, this asymmetrical style offers up a more unique way to wear the look.

16Braid Cuff Style

These gold braid cuffs are a chic accessory that can be attached or removed from your Ghana braids once they’re installed. While metallic versions tend to be the most popular, you can find braid cuffs in any color to vary exactly how you’d like to enhance your Ghana braids.

17Chunky Doubled Up Braids

Chunky Ghana braids create an eye-popping way to frame your face and protect your hair in growing out periods or as you’re trying to transition between relaxed and natural styles.

18Braids and Twists Bun

Thick Ghana braids at the top of the head and a twist running along each side create this sweet, low-key style that can be finished off with braids left long or in a single or double bun style.

19Red Braids High Bun

Red braiding hair gets intermixed with natural black to create a two-tone style that adds some extra color to your look without being too over the top.

20Ghana Braids High Ponytail

If you’re in love with high ponytail styles, try a Ghana braid pattern that gives you a semi-permanent ponytail that isn’t pulling directly on your natural hair. The finished style creates sexy silhouette that still works as an approachable, everyday style.

21Partially Braided Bun

We typically see Ghana braids in an all-over style, but this look shows how they can be added to only some parts of the head in a hybrid style. This look may not last as long as a full head of Ghana braids, and you’ll need to take extra care overnight to retain these braids for as long as possible.

22Deep Side Part Braids

The deep side part in this braided style puts a slight spin on the most popular Ghana braid looks, and creates a silhouette that adds some width to the face.

23Skinny Ghana Braids Bun

Stylish and sophisticated, this skinny Ghana braids bun makes for an excellent protective style for more mature women who aren’t interested in chasing each week’s latest hair trend.

24Black And White Braids

Using both silvery white and basic black hair for your Ghana braids creates this marbled color palette that’s been getting love all over social media.

25Double Braid Pigtails

Two rows of Ghana braids on each side of the head create a pigtail style that doesn’t look too immature.

26Honey Blonde Braids

The simple addition of honey blonde braiding hair instead of natural black is a great way to switch up your look in time for summer without causing any damage to your real hair.

27Ghana Braids With Mini Cornrows

This Ghana braided style intermixes thicker braids and skinny cornrows to create an elaborate look that’s perfect for bold, trendsetting women who love to stand out in a crowd.

28Maroon Braided Ponytail

If you’re looking for a Ghana braided style that will compliment your golden skin tone or make brown eyes pop, cool red shades like this maroon hue are strong choices.

29Shaved Sides Ghana Braids

This edgy look combines braids with shaved sides for a trendy protective style that’s a little more daring than your basic Ghana braids.

30Curved Pattern Braids

This gorgeous braid pattern combines curved Ghana braids with some skinny cornrows in between. Give this a try if you’re looking for a more unique way to wear your hair in a trendy protective style.

31Double Bun Braids

If you love trendy double bun hairstyles but you’re looking to keep your natural hair protected, this Ghana braid pattern offers you the opportunity to have both at once. Wear hair in two twisted buns or high ponytails for a fun and flirty style.



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