Flower Girl Hairstyles


Flower Girl Hairstyles

When it comes to choosing hairstyles for the big day, you can’t forget the youngest member of the wedding party! Flower girl hairstyles need to be the perfect mixture of cute, fancy, and age appropriate. If you’re stuck on how to style your little girl’s hair for a formal ceremony or laid-back affair, we’ve collected 35 of our favorite flower girl hairstyles, with something for every flower girl and wedding.

1Fancy Curls Updo

Use rollers or a curling iron to set hair in voluminous curls, then pull hair into a medium height updo to complete this look. Perfect for a glamorous formal wedding full of satin gowns, white flowers, and crystal embellishments.

2Updo with Lace Braided Headband

If you’re looking for an extra added touch for a flower girl hairstyle, use a lace braided headband to add texture and keep fine young hair from slipping out of the style before the wedding has wrapped up.

3Simple Ballerina Bun

The simple ballerina bun is a timeless hairstyle that goes well with just about any wedding, all the way from a backyard barbecue to an ultra formal affair. Your flower girl will look cute and fancy, but it won’t take a long time to put this hairstyle together from start to finish.

4Double Buns with Flowers

Double buns are a super cute hairstyle for little girls on any day, but you can use flower accessories to make the style feel more dressed up. The best part of this look is that it’s easy to pull off and keep maintained throughout the ceremony, reception, and dance party.

5Twisted Braid

For a romantic wedding that has a bridal party dressed in lace or crocheted linen, this twisted braid will tie together your flower girl’s style. Unlike updos that require spray, pins, and patience to keep in place all day, this twisted braid is less likely to fall apart during the festivities.

6Bun with Curly Bangs

Curly bangs bring some sass to a sophisticated bun, giving your flower girl an updo that’s fancy enough for photos but fun enough for the dance floor.

7French Braid Bun

A braid that runs up the back of this bun style creates added visual interest and helps to keep hair from falling out of a high bun. To create a bun with this shape for your flower girl, try using a hair donut or sock bun that can provide structure and make fine hair appear more full.

8Braided Headband with Flowers

A braided headband is perfect for keeping your flower girl’s hair out of her face, and will usually last longer than an intricate style that’s held together with pins and spray. As an added bonus, braids offer the perfect canvas to attach delicate little flowers to a hairstyle.

9Natural Curls

If your flower girl’s curls are this gorgeous, leave her style natural for an elegant and simple wedding affair.

10Rolled Updo with Babysbreath

A rolled, low updo creates a wreath like effect on your flower girl’s hair, while baby’s breath perfectly completes the look. We love this hairstyle for a spring time wedding or any event with delicate, romantic accents.

11Fancy Beehive Bun

For an older flower girl who’s ready for a more sophisticated hairstyle, try this fancy beehive bun. It’s perfect for a formal wedding event where the wedding party is wearing sleek hairstyles instead of loose romantic curls. To get the maximum amount of height and structure in this style, try using a Bump-It or other shaping accessory.

12Twisted Half Up Style

This twisted half-up style is the perfect blend of simple elegance and girly fun. A loose curl gives this look a step up from an everyday hairstyle, but it’s not so intricate that you’ll have to spend hours perfecting the look. Add a few flowers to tie the style together, and your flower girl is ready to walk down the aisle.

13Braided Bangs with Puff

Braided bangs put an extra touch on this puff updo, making it wedding-ready in a pinch.

14Messy Waves Updo

This messy updo is the ultimate flower girl hairstyle for a glitzy wedding full of dramatic tulle skirts and lots of crystal embellishments.

15Braided Flower Bun

A cute two-strand braid helps to bring something unique to this flower girl hairstyle, but isn’t so complicated that you can’t pull it off on a busy morning. The flower bun is an impressive visual touch, but isn’t too hard to pull off. Just braid a ponytail in a regular three-strand braid, then pull apart to create volume. Once your braid has been volumized, coil it around the back of the head to create the flower shape and pin in place.

16Pinned Bangs Bun

Pin bangs back with braid jewels to add a fancy touch to a ballerina bun, and you can turn this easy look into the perfect flower girl style.

17Side Swept Low Updo

With a deep side part and embellished headband, this side swept updo will look great at a fancy wedding or roaring ’20s themed event.

18Double Dutch Braids

For a flower girl with very long hair, double dutch braids offer up a cute and trendy way to keep her strands secured throughout a long day of wedding festivities.

19Loose Curls

For a country wedding that’s farmhouse chic, these loose curls are about as cute and easy as it gets. If you’ll be short on time the morning of the wedding, try a no-heat method to put curls in your flower girl’s hair overnight.

20Braid Wrapped Bun

This braid wrapped bun looks complicated and intricate, but it’s actually pretty simple to pull off. Tie hair in a high ponytail, then leave one long strand loose as you secure the ponytail in a ballerina bun (we recommend a hair donut to perfect this shape). Once your bun is secured, braid the loose piece to the ends, then wrap around your bun and secure.

21Fancy Hair Bow

For a wedding where every little detail has to be perfectly in place, this fancy hair bow will delight your flower girl and wow onlookers as she walks down the aisle. While it’s not ideal for little girls who have trouble sitting still, an older flower girl makes the perfect candidate for this gorgeous hairstyle.

22Pinned Back Curls

Want to keep it simple with your flower girl’s look? This pinned back style is great for little girls with natural curls, and works as both an everyday look and a wedding style.

23Curls with Flower Wreath

If you want your flower girl to look wedding ready without spending a ton of time on her hair, a flower wreath is the perfect accessory. Just add a few loose curls to her hair and let this angelic wreath speak for itself.

24Crown Braid

A crown braid is the perfect updo for a romantic, bohemian wedding, and makes for a flower girl style that can easily match what the bridesmaids are wearing.

25Big Curly Bun

A big, curly bun is the perfect way to cap off your flower girl’s sophisticated look. Leave a few tendrils loose to match the carefree vibe of a romantic wedding.

26Low Braided Updo

Simple, cute, and easy to keep in place, this low braided updo is a flower girl hairstyle that will also make it into your daily hairstyle routine. Create a dutch braid on each side of the head, braiding down to the ends once you’ve reached the back of the head. Pin these loose braids together above the nape of the neck, and your easy braided updo is complete.

27Messy Bun with Bow

A little bow helps to put the right amount of formal flair in a messy bun updo, while loose face framing pieces give this flower girl hairstyle a touch of softness.

28Half Up Double Buns

Half up double buns keep your flower girl’s hair out of her face without completely confining her beautiful natural curls. We love this look for flower girls who are too young to sit still for more intricate hairstyles.

29Side Braid with Headband

With a big, bold accessory like this floral headband, it’s easy to keep your flower girl’s hairstyle ultra simple. Not only is a three-strand braid easy to do, but it’ll stay put all day and night without pins or spray.

30Bantu Knots Updo

These gorgeous bantu knots will have your flower girl looking like the most regal member of the wedding party. Braid jewels help to make the style feel bright and special, and can be easily customized to match her dress or your wedding decor.

31Braided Bangs Ponytail

A low-key wedding with ponytail hairstyles deserves a little something to make it feel special. Braided bangs add an extra touch without taking hours to do or requiring a ton of hair product.

32Hair Twist Headband

Twist your flower girl’s hair around a headband to keep her locks in place in an updo that looks way more complicated than it is.

33French Fishtail Braid

This french fishtail braid is more time consuming than your standard side braid, but makes for a beautiful and special flower girl hairstyle on a little one who’s good at sitting still.

34Half Up Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are cute and festive for almost any occasion. To help make this look stand out, gently pull braids apart to create added volume and texture.

35Simple Down Do

If your wedding party are wearing over-the-top floral crowns, a simple down do is the perfect pairing to help balance the look.



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