Curly Hairstyles

25 Beautiful Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is one of the most versatile hair textures. Many women do not know the various styles that they are able to achieve with curly hair. Curly hair can be very fragile because of the tight coils and can be damaged if not cared for properly. When caring for curly hair the most important things are moisture, staying away from heat and being gentle with tools such as combs and brushes. There are so many simple but super cute and fun styles that you can do without causing any harm to your hair. To make any style work for you, you must figure out your hair type to find the products that best suit you. Many of these styles work for women with straight hair as well. Whether you have loose curls or kinky coils we have put together 25 of our favorite beautiful curly hairstyles. We hope you enjoy and try out some of these amazing styles on yourself or even a friend.

1Curly braided mohawk

Here is Alicia keys rocking this curly mohawk. The sides of this mohawk are braided which gives it a more fun and street style twist.

2French braids with low side curly ponytail

This is a super cute and simple style. Place two medium sized french braids to one side of your hair and then place your hair in a low ponytail. To avoid breakage secure your hair with an elastic band.

3Glam low pinned curly bun

Taylor swift looks very glam with this hairdo. This style is simple yet elegant when paired with this rhinestone gown and dainty jewelry. If you’re looking for a style for a formal occasion then give this a try.

4Curly puff with tie up hair band

This is a simple puff that is jazzed up with a simple red tie headband and red lip. Pops of color are always a great way to add some spice to any look without putting in much effort.

5Sleek curly bun

Here we have a sleek curly bun. This style is great especially for the winter months because it protects your ends against the harsh winter winds.

6Fiery red curly bob

This red/orange color is one of the most beautiful colors. This bob is slightly messy which gives it the flexibility to be glammed up or glammed down. This would look great on women with olive or lighter skin tones.

7Curly bob with pinned side

Here we have another bob, but this one is a blonde color with hints of brown and golden undertones. This is the perfect go-to style because it takes less than 30 seconds and you can jazz it up with fun clips and bobby pins.

8Ombre faucet curls

How perfect are these curls? This deep ombre style is a sure classic. Get the look without the damage. Pickup foam rollers and a light holding mousse and keep in overnight. In the morning apply a dime sized amount of your favorite oil and separate with your fingers.

9Sleek curly ponytail

We love this look that Ciara was rocking in the early 2000’s. This is a sleek curly ponytail that anyone can pull off. We love how she kept her makeup very simple which adds to the overall look.

10Tapered curly cut

Tapered cuts have been a huge trend in recent years and we’re loving this cut on none other than Alicia Keys. It is completed with a long forward bang which can also be pinned a number of ways to create different looks.

11Tight finger curls

Looking for a more formal look? Go for these tight finger curls that Taylor Swift is wearing. To achieve this use a small wand curler and your style will be sure to last all night.

12Pin curls

Christina Aguilera looks stunning in these pin curls. Her signature platinum blonde pairs perfectly with the berry red lip. Can we talk about how beautiful this sparkling dress is paired with this stunning diamond necklace?

13Long Curly hair with bangs

Beyonce is known for rocking a bang here and there. Here she is in this super curly style with a curly bang. Many people do not gravitate towards a curly bang but step out of your comfort zone and give it a try.

14Beach waves with highlights

Looking for a quick everyday style? Give these easy beach waves a try. The best part is that they do not have to be perfect. Add your favorite color for a bit of pop. g

15Half up and down double bun

How adorable is this style? This double bun style has been extremely popular. You have seen it all over Tumblr and Instagram. It’s not only simple to do but it also adds some fun into your hair routine.

16Loose curls with dark roots

Just in time for the holidays get this perfect holiday look. The soft curls can be done with just simple soft rollers. Pair with a winter blue makeup look.

17Flipped curls

Get this boho chic curl look by adding super cute and fun head pieces. The part part is you can turn this into a DIY by making your own headbands that express your personality.

18Roll and tuck top bun

JLo is a red carpet show stopper everytime she appears. For this particular look she simply pinned indiviual curls to form this beautiful bun. Pair with your best earrings and you’ll be sure to make a statement.

19Curly pompadour

Transform your simply every day bang look by adding soft curls and a pomepour to the crown of your head. Also to secure the style use a blinged out hair clip.

20Tight Coils

For all of my natural hair ladies get this look that Brandy is wearing by doing a simple twistout. To add hold use your favorite gel. We reccomend Aloe vera gel because it is all natural, moisturizing, and gives hold without the crunch like other gels.

21Pinned back braided look

This is another great go to style. This is two french braids that are pinned back with curls added for a glam effect. We love that this look because it is so effortless.

22Side swept

The simplest thing like having your hair fall to one side can transform a whole look. This is a easy style that looks like a million bucks that anyone can do. Tailor your part to frame your face.

2390’s side ponytail

We are so loving this shaved side curly ponytail from Jada Pinkett. This gives us an old school vibe. We love that she paired with a fresh face. If you want to amp up this look then add a bold lip.

24LC long curly ponytail

Style and beauty icon Lauren Conrad can make a simple ponytail look high fashion. This is definitely taking us back to her “Laguna beach” and “The Hills” days.

25Natural hair finger coil puff

Are you trying to stretch that finger coil style for a few extra days? Then grab some water, a leave-in conditioner, oil, and gel. Turn that style into this super high puff.



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