Sew in Bob Styles

Sew in Bob Hairstyles

What’s a sew in bob? This protective hairstyle gathers the technique used for decades in crochet braiding to create beautiful layered and sleek looks than lets your natural hair breathe. A great alternative for natural to glued in or full lace part weaves, sewn in hair can be worn for longer periods of time while allowing to hydrate your natural hair.

Sew-ins aren’t a DIY type of protective style per se. It’s important to choose a hairdresser with verifiable work that has great skills in braiding, sewing, cutting and create color layers. A real all-round artist!

Scroll next to find our favorite best sew in bob hairstyles.

1Wavy Short Bob

Sleek is a word we often associate with bob hairstyles. However, we can’t overlook the vibrancy a wavy asymmetrical bob brings! Make your waves last and bring them back to life whenever needed with a 2 inch curling iron.

2Mermaid Sew In Bob

Call the spring in anytime of the year with a blonde to teal sew in bob. A perfect choice for a beach candid photo shoot or rocking your co-workers and clients’ world every time you walk into a meeting room. Pair with gold accents for the greatest flair.

3Red Ombre Sew in Bob

Deep reed ombre highlights and volume and color balance to this style. Wavy or sleek, bobs and ombre have paired beautifully to become a crowd’s favorite. Variations of this style can include deep orange, purple or blue, your choice!

4Classic short Sew in Bob

Movement is the name of the game with this classic and evergreen style. Short bobs are perfect for convenience and sass! Added layers of tapered extensions on the back bring motion and joy to this hairstyle.

5Beach Waves Sew In Bob

Gabrielle Union on your style vision board? Look no further! Beach waves are easygoing and turn great with any dressing style from casual to top executive elegance. This weave length is also perfect, hitting and highlighting the collarbone for an extra sexy touch.

6Symmetrical Bob Sew In

Long and sleek. YES! Part ways with boring and embrace sheer elegance. Symmetrical sew in bob is a perfect choice for corporate environment hairstyles. Lawyers, managers, women in tech that want to match their hairstyle with their fierce and poised personality.

7Blue Orchid Color Sew In Bob

The wonders we can create with natural hair extensions! This layered bob has many shades of purple and blue. Captivating to say the least. A shorter length keeps it modern and balanced.

8Ombre Asymmetric Bob

A hint of color can go a long way. This subtle honey ombre communicates your playful side in a powerful and sleek way. Asymmetry and the side part balances can be used to highlight your features and accessories, from earrings to high cheek bones.

9Platinum blonde sew in style

S L E E K. Embrace the golden fiber of your spirit and show it off with this hairstyle. Single color all platinum sew in bob looks perfect and can be a great choice for brown and honey eyed women. Keep it sleek by using fabric scrunchies only.

10Deep Red Sew In Bob

Gorgeous red with dark low lights. This tone really brings out your layers and has tons of volume. Great for business and executive women that want their attitude to shine.

11Honey Highlights Bob Sew In


12Low Lights Short Bob


13Short Elegant Bob


14Millennium Blue Sew In Bob


15Super Sleek Bob


16Orange Zest Sew In


17Blonde Bob Sew In With Bangs


18Rainbow Sew In


19Steel Blue Bob Sew In


20Bob Sew In With Highlights


21Swoop Bang Shoulder Length Bob


22Tight Waves Burgundy Sew In Bob


23Venom Green Sew In Bob


24Vintage Waves Bob


25Blonde Tight Waves Bob


26Blonde Axis Sew In Bob


27Brown Sugar Caramel Sew In Style


28Candid Weaves Sew In Bob


29Burgundy Sew In


30Color Block Sew In Bob


31Curly Sew In Bob


32Deep Asymmetry Bob


33Side Swept Short Wavy Bob


34Stacked Sew In Style Bob


35Asymmetrical Sew In Bob


36Layered Side Part Sew In 

37Sexy Deep Side Part Bob

38Sleek Sew In 

39Asymmetrical Bob With Wavy Side Bangs

40Pin Curls Sew In Bob




What did you think about our pics? Let us know in the comments! Sew in bobs are one of our top choices for protective styles that provide straight and sleek looks. We love the capacity to play with hair length, color and layers to create versatile and low maintenance styles.

If it’s your first time trying a sew in bob we recommend you invest in classic looking hair, one that you can wear all the way to shoulder length long and sleek. Black, brown or any color of your liking that you can later layer into new styles if you want to.

Consider buying top quality hair that can handle moisture, heat and friction properly to get a long lasting result. Black hair forums rave about Remy human Hair, with top mentions of brands Premium Now and Premium 2. As it is meant to last for several sets, invest in quality!

Same goes for the rest of the materials needed for this hairstyle. New and clean hair threads and needles, edge tamer and if you feel like it, a sheen spray.

Part choice

This is not to be taken lightly: have a clear idea of what type of hair part you want. The braiding and sew in technique your hairdresser plans and execute may allow for one or two, but make sure you discuss it before getting started with the process and avoid getting stuck with a less favorable look.

Color choice

As noted above, get you hair pieces started with classic colors that build a foundation for your style so you can mix and match later with other hues and lengths. Our selection clearly states our favor for the ombre look but feel free to go full out with a full blue, purple or red style.

Length choice

This is also part of the discussing and creation process. Pick a hair length to build layers upon. Most bob styles stay within collarbone length so up to 1X inches, but make sure to buy hair pieces one or two inches longer than your desired length so that your final cut has the perfect amount of body and sharpness.


What happens after? Get a sew in bob that draws attention and has you feeling fabulous, how do you make that feeling last? Invest in a couple accessories to keep your bob in top shape.

Hair nets are a great alternative to sleep or protect your extensions while at home. Silk and satin scarfs work wonders to prevent frizzy extensions and wear out.

Keep your natural hair in mind at all times. Depending on your moisture needs, oil your and gently massage your scalp every 3 to 5 days and invest in a dry shampoo to keep odor from moisture and sweat at bay.

Do you have any other sew in bob maintenance tips? Tell us in the comments below!



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