Sock Bun Hairstyles


Sock Bun Hairstyles and How To Do A Sock Bun

The sock bun is a something that will never go out of style or look dated. It is such a versatile hairstyle as it can be worn is so many different ways – from elegant chignons to effortless, messy buns. The sock bun gets its name as the hair tool you use to create your bun can be created from an old sock. To make your own hair donut, simple cut the toes off a sock (a ribbed sock tends to work best) and roll the resultant tube into a donut shape, simple!

If you have no socks that you want to sacrifice, a hair donut can also be used to create the perfect sock bun. It is really simple to do, taking just a few minutes, and you will have a beautiful bun hairstyle that will last all day. Here are the steps to follow to create your sock bun.

1How To Do A Sock Bun

  1. Tie your hair into a ponytail in the position where you would like your sock bun.
  2. Place your handmade sock bun tool or hair donut over your ponytail.
  3. Wrap the hair around the donut making sure there are no gaps in the hair pin the hair in place under the donut. Or for longer hair, roll the donut down the hair of the ponytail until you reach the head so the hair wound around it and pin it into place.
  4. If you wish to add some extra detail to your sock bun, keep a few slices of hair free from the front of your ponytail.
  5. Braid each of the two slices of hair.
  6. Wrap the two braids around the base of your sock bun and pin into place. Your beautiful sock bun is complete.

Now that you know how to do a sock bun, you can experiment with the style and we have the perfect sock bun inspiration for you. Here are some of our favorite sock bun hairstyles.


2Chic and Elegant Sock Bun

Sometimes the simplest styles can be the ones with the most impact. This sock bun is incredibly sleek, without a single hair out of place. It has been kept super neat by wrapping some loose sections of hair around the bun and pinned with concealed hairpins. Loose tendrils can be smoothed into place by brushing over them with an old (but clean) toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray.

3Retro-Inspired Sock Bun with Chunky Braid

This sock bun hairstyle has been greatly inspired by the 1960s as evidenced by the loose tendrils at the temples and the position of the bun at the top of the head. Achieve this look by gathering the hair into a ponytail slightly above the crown. When wrapping the hair around the sock or donut, leave a section of hair out, which will be braided and wrapped around the bun.

4Side Braided Sock Bun

For shorter and thinner hair this messy side bun with teased out braid is a perfect choice. The hair donut or sock will add instant volume, whilst the braid is so cute and chic. It doesn’t matter if all of your short hair can be secured around the sock or donut, the loose tendrils create the perfect messy look.

5Relaxed Sock Bun with Curls

This sock bun look is so laid back and relaxed, but it also wouldn’t look out of place worn at a wedding or for a special occasion. The hair has been given some loose curls and tied up in a loose ponytail and the curled lengths have been pinned around the hair donut. The loose tendrils give such an effortless and dreamy effect.

6Beautiful Bridal Sock Bun

The sock bun is an ideal bridal hairstyle – it is so chic and elegant, but it is also easy to create and will hold in place all day. This bouncy sock bun has been given an extra touch of whimsy with face-framing tendrils and the addition of beautiful hair jewels.

7Low, Chingon-Style Sock Bun

This low sock bun is easy to create but has such a high visual impact. Before securing the hair into a low ponytail the hair is given a little bit of texture and wave and a few thick slices of hair next to the ears are kept loose. The sections will be pinned over the bun in a criss-cross style, which is fresh and contemporary.

8Natural Hair Sock Bun

Natural hair has such a wonderful texture and volume that is ideal for creating standout sock bun styles that have the real ‘wow’ factor. This large sock bun is placed perfectly right at the crown of the head and has such a wonderful softness. The addition of the metallic accessory really pops against the dark hair color. Stunning!

9Sock Bun For Thick Hair with Pompadour Bangs

With thick hair, you may find that your sock bun can be on the larger side. If this is the case, balance out the volume with a pompadour style quiff and some loose face-framing tendrils. You can create an airy feel by tying the hair in a messy ponytail pinning the ends loosely around the sock. This is a great sock bun hairstyle that could easily be taken from day to night.

10Relaxed Sock Bun with Hair Scarf

Buns look so chic and stylish when accessories are added like this beautiful floral headscarf, which has been wrapped around the base and tied in a bow. It has a wonderful summer vibe, that will bring a little bit of joy to the cold winter months.

11Classic High Chignon

By keeping a large slice of around the hairline of one side of the head, you can use it to create a great wrap-around effect by sweeping up and around and pinning it to the underside of the bun.

12Messy Sock Bun with Underlights

Show off your vibrant underlights by securing your stylish sock bun on the crown of the head. In this on-trend hairstyle, beautiful caramel underlights peek through dark chocolate hair, creating a really arresting effect.

13Ballet Sock Bun with Bangs

This ballerina bun is so graceful and elegant in its simplicity and makes for a great style for getting an extra day before having to wash your hair. The addition of full bangs which frame the face, make this a great sock bun style oval and round faces.

14Balayage Sock Bun with Waterfall Braid Braid

Balayage hair looks awesome when styled into a bun as it emphasizes the difference between the light and dark tones. This version features an upside down Dutch braid and a waterfall braid around the bun. To create the waterfall braid, loose strands from the bun are braided into an existing plat that is being weaved around the base. Very pretty.

15Unicorn Space Buns

By using smaller sock or donuts, you can create this super cute space bun hairstyle. Section the hair into two down the center parting and tie up into high bunches. Use your smaller donuts to create two sock buns to finish your cool space bun style. The beautiful unicorn colors of this hairstyle make this edgy hairstyle super fun and contemporary.

16Eye-Catching, Oversized Sock Bun

If you have thick hair or natural hair with a lot of body and are not afraid to make a statement, use all that volume and create an oversized sock bun that sits right on the top of your head. It is such a statement look and is definitely a confidence-boosting hairstyle.

17High Sock Bun with Fishtail Braid

There are numerous different ways that you can finish your sock bun to give it an extra bit of interest. This beautiful ombre hair has been secured into a sock bun on the top of the head and finished with a loose fishtail braid. The contrast between the dark chocolate and honey blonde tones of the hair is stunning.

18Daring Double Bun Style

If you are someone who loves experimenting with their hair, then you might want to try out this suer editorial hairstyle. Once you have tied your ponytail, wrap the outer layers of hair around a large hair donut and pin to your head, leaving the center strand of the ponytail free. Thread this free hair through a smaller hair donut and wrap it around, pinning into place on top of the other sock bun.

19Multi-Braided Sock Bun

This style really makes the most out of darker roots, with the upside down Dutch braid leading up to the sock bun creating a zebra effect. The large braid is tied expertly into the large high bun, with the addition of a few small plaits wrapped around from the inside and pinned underneath.

20Simple Sock Bun with Bow Detail

The messy sock bun is one of the most classic and versatile hairstyles there is. It is suitable for anyone, from the girl working out at the gym, to a bride on her wedding day. It can also be given an extra touch of glam with a great accessory, such at this glitter bow, placed perfectly on this slightly off center sock bun. Beautiful.

21Edgy Braided Up-Do

There is definitely something edgy about this tousled sock bun, which has been toughened up with some cornrow-style braids which feed into the bun. A fresh and youthful hairstyle

22Low Messy Chignon with Face Framing Curls

Thin hair is given a real boost when using a sock or donut to create a bun, or in this case an elegant chignon. The platinum blonde shade of the hair is just heavenly, as is the style, with angelic curls framing the face and the extra lift in the crown created by back-combing.

23Rainbow Sock Bun

The rainbow colors of this hair look like the most delicious of sweet treats when styles into a sock bun. Each different color of the hair is shining through against the pink and purple base tones. Scrumptious!

24Low Sock Bun in Curled Hair

Curly hair can still be styled into a sock bun and in fact, the natural wave of the hair will give your style a great texture. This low bun allows the curls to appear light and airy through the crown and the delicate highlights give the style great depth.

25Upside Down French Braid with Sock Bun

This simple sock bun has been given an extra touch of interest with the upside down french braid, appearing to feed into the bun from the nape of the neck.

26The Reindeer Sock Bun

Finally, we have something festive since Christmas is fast approaching – it’s the sock bun reindeer. Simply create your sock bun on the back of your head and pop a small red bauble in the center, some googly eyes and antler decorations on the top. There you have it, the Rudolph sock bun, the perfect hairstyle for Christmas.



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