Hippie and Bohemian Hairstyles

If your summer schedule revolves around music festivals or you’re all about laid-back style that fits your organic lifestyle, hippie and bohemian hairstyles allow you to reflect your character and fashion sense at the same time. Whether you only try these looks on a few times a year or you wear them 24/7, it’s all about exuding chill vibes and not being afraid to get a little bit messy. If you’re looking to add some braids , flowers, and good vibes to your strands, read on to see 30 of our favorite boho and hippie hairstyles.

1Fishtail Headband

This gorgeous hairstyle is a great choice for any bohemian brides who want their hair to look special without feeling like it’s being held together with a million pins and an entire can of hairspray. Twist and pull back a section from each side of the face, then tie together at the back of the head and fishtail braid down to the ends. Flower accessories help to make this look more special, but you can leave them out to create a more everyday style.

2Lazy Waves Hippie Vibes

Hippie hairstyles are a dream come true for women with naturally wavy hair, but you can also use heat styling to put some lazy waves in your long hair. Don’t worry about getting things perfect, as missing a few spots just adds to the carefree look. This particular look is pulled together loosely at the back while a skinny braided headband adds an extra touch of texture.

3Half Up Boho Buns

Half up hairstyles are the perfect boho-chic look, allowing you to create a carefree style that still shows off your gorgeous long locks. Simple twisted buns are not only super trendy right now, but they’re practical for outdoor events during summer heatwaves.

4Feather Extensions

Want to add a touch of hippie to your hairstyle for a few days? Feather extensions are a fun way to take your look up a notch, and are fairly easy to install on your own.

5Hippie Hair Style Bouquet

Natural hair is an incredible canvas for creating a stunning hair bouquet. We love this style for earthy brides who want to take a different approach to their wedding flowers, but it also works for attending outdoor music festivals or other special events.

6Hippie Half Up Braided Buns

Lots of hippie hairstyles revolve around having super long hair, but this look proves that mid-length cuts can look boho chic with a pair of dutch braids, buns, and this artsy gold and turquoise part tattoo. You probably won’t be wearing this style to work on Monday, but it’ll make you feel like a goddess during your summer weekends.

7Twin Side Braids Hippie Hair

Keep things simple with your ultra long hair by adding two braids to the side of your head. This style is a great option for long-haired ladies who have trouble completely braiding their hair. It’s easy to do on your own, and won’t take too much time to complete. Super easygoing brides with outdoor weddings will love how this look matches rather than masks your personality.

8Low Bun with Mini Braids

A few skinny braids add texture to this slightly frizzy hair, while a low bun pulls hair together in an incredibly casual style. If you’re off to spend a weekend in the woods, this hairstyle will help you feel cute while you escape civilization.

9Bohemian Fishtail Side Braids

Two messy fishtail braids help to add texture and fun to this bohemian hairstyle. If you’re after a boho look that’s chic enough to wear at Sunday brunch or a garden party, these mussed up braids are the perfect choice.

10Boho Braid Out

Zoe Kravitz’s box braids give way to loose flowing hair, perfectly combining two hippie hair staples: braids and ultra long hair. If you’re using hair extensions to create this style human hair will give your look more softness and versatility, but high quality synthetics with a natural wave texture can also help you get this boho look.

11Hippie Heart Braid

Kick your braided hairstyle up a notch with these braids and twists that form an intricate little heart shape.

12Dutch Braid Double Buns

If you want to put your long hair in a half-up style that looks like it took more than a few seconds, these dutch braid double buns are right on trend. Ladies with blonde or dimensional hair color will especially appreciate how this style shows off the different tones in their hair.

13Boho Knot Hairstyle

This simple bohemian hairstyle is a great option for laid-back brides. The knotted bun is super messy, and a long braid trailing from underneath it has been pulled apart to the point where it’s nearly unravelling at the end.

14Dutch Braid Pigtails

If you’re looking for a hippie hairstyle that will keep your hair secured and out of your face, these dutch braided pigtails are a festival must. Leaving hair trailing loose instead of braided to the ends is a good option for women with thinner or layered hair, but could also be a style preference for anyone who wants to leave some loose hair trailing behind them.

15Pierced Braid

This side braid already makes for a chic boho hairstyle, while adding metal rings help to add a little edge to the look. Unlike other piercings that involve pain, piercing your braids is an easy way to switch up the style for a festival or other special event. Head online or to a cheap jewelry store and you’ll find a wide selection of rings to pin throughout your braided hippie hairstyles.

16Lush Flower Crown Hippie Hairstyle

With a flower crown this gorgeous, all you need is a few simple curls in the rest of your hair. We especially love this lush look for unconventional brides who want to incorporate big pops of color to their big day.

17Dutch Braid Bangs with Glitter

Are you looking for glam Hippie Hairstyles ideas? Glitter hairstyles have been a huge festival trend for the last year or two, and are seen most often in styles that are parted down the center. This look adds glitter to the side parts of these dutch braided bangs, proving that you can turn any style into a glittery one.

18Fishtail Headbands

If you’ve got lots of hair to spare, why not add a fishtail headband to your fishtail braided style? To create these headbands, braid skinny fishtails behind one ear, then wrap them up and over the head to the other ear.

19Retro Daisy Style

For all those hippie purists out there, this ’60s inspired hairstyle features brushed out curls with daisies embedded throughout them.

20Messy Double Buns

If your thick, textured hair isn’t easy to pull into two perfect double buns, you’ll love the messy aesthetic of this style.

21Romantic Bohemian Wedding Hair

With a braided headband and both fishtail and three-strand braids trailing down the back of the head, this hairstyle hits the perfect spot between intricate wedding looks and relaxed bohemian hairstyles. Top it all off with a flower wreath and you’re ready to walk down the aisle in your breezy outdoor ceremony.

22Boho Faux Locs

Locs are one of the most loved bohemian hairstyles, but it requires a lot of time and work to wear the real thing. Faux locs let you try out the hairstyle for a few weeks, and are a perfect protective style for your next summer vacation.

23Half Up Top Knot

The half up top knot might be a lazy day staple for some, but it’s also great for a deliberate boho-chic hairstyle. Wear this when you’ve gone a few days in between washes or to keep your long locks off of your face on hot and sweaty days.

24Boho Flowers Hippie Hair

With orange roses and white daisies pinned throughout, this long hairstyle is one of the most simple ways to feel like a bohemian queen.

25Yarn Dread Style

If installing a full head of faux dreads doesn’t fit your timeline, one yarn dread in pastel shades will provide the perfect pop of color in your long curls.

26Chunky Hippie Braids

One of the most classic hippie hairstyles, these two long braids exude peace, love and positivity.

27Skinny Braids

Sometimes all you need to turn your plain, straight hair into a hippie style is a few skinny braids. It only takes a few minutes to pull off, and lends itself to whatever the day throws at you.

28Mini Buns with Glitter

These mini buns are a great way to wear a bohemian hairstyle even if you don’t have the long locks required for some of the braided looks on our list.

29Messy Fishtail Braids

This fishtail braid style is the perfect way to go boho-glam, and makes a great evening look for a festival that’s sure to have after parties.

30Hippie Floral Dutch Braids

Two dutch braids are a popular hairstyle that works for any occasion, and these tightly secured braids are great for attaching flowers to your hairstyle. Unlike flower crowns that can be difficult to keep in place during festivals or all night dance parties, these floral dutch braids will stay put all day and night.

31Triple Bubble Ponytail

A simple and very cute hairstyle that is so easy to do and look super stylish doesn’t matter where you wear it!

32Long Beachy Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Looking for a gorgeous braided style for the summer? This chunky fishtail braid will look great with your new bikini! Just stunning.



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