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Amazing Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Blondes really do have more fun! If you’re torn between your love of blonde and red hair, strawberry blonde offers the perfect mixture of these striking colors and comes in a variety of shades to work with almost any complexion. Warm strawberry blondes look great against fair or neutral skin tones, while the cooler auburn side of strawberry makes warmer complexions pop. Strawberry blonde is a rare natural hair color but thank goodness for hair dye, right? Although it is a rare shade, choosing to go strawberry blonde will have you in excellent company amongst celebrities like Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams, and Sienna Miller. For darker-haired women, going strawberry is a process best left in the hands of a professional, while blondes can try experimenting at home with semi-permanent colors. A Temporary dye will allow you to experiment with different tones and hues to find your perfect shade. We’ve compiled over 20 types of strawberry blonde hair to help you decide your ideal shade amongst these pale pastels and vibrant golden gingers.

1Pumpkin Strawberry with loose waves

This beautiful peachy strawberry blonde features lots of warm orange and tangerine hues that are especially vibrant against porcelain skin and blue eyes. Pairing this look with a pastel rose lip allows makeup to contrast with the hair color without being too distracting.

2Light Strawberry blonde hair color with reddish/brown low lights

If peach and tangerine tones are too loud for your liking, try this golden blonde with auburn lowlights. The color contrast here is subtle but creates a softly dynamic color that’s timelessly elegant that pops without being too over the top.

3Warm Honey Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Another subtle strawberry style, this look features warm honey blonde tones, and only a slight hint of red undertone. The overall look lands right in the sweet spot between bold and boring, making this a perfect choice for your first time going strawberry blonde.

4Ginger and Gold Blonde highlights

How gorgeous is this “all red” look? Fully embracing her love of red, Nicole Kidman paired her gingery blonde with true red choices in both makeup and wardrobe. Her hair is full of golden blonde highlights that land this look in the strawberry blonde hair color category, an especially beautiful choice against her piercing blue eyes and ivory skin.

5Fiery Copper And Blonde Hues

Rarely one to make a style misstep, Blake Lively’s foray into a strawberry blonde was a stroke of style genius. The copper and blonde tones had her skin looking extra radiant, while understated natural makeup choices don’t distract from this show-stopping hair color. We give her an A+ for this look.

6Pastel Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

With a softer light strawberry blonde hair tone, this style is made up of muted red and blonde tones to create a pastel strawberry blonde look. This understated style is a good option for women who want to experiment with a color that’s new but not too bold and looks especially fun when paired with a retro-style like these long center-parted bangs.

7Beach blonde with strawberry highlights

This is the perfect example of how to play with color without drastically changing your look. With medium strawberry, highlights added, the hair looks warm and glowing.

8Pale strawberry blonde hair Color

This intense A line blunt cut looks dreamy instead of harsh when colored in muted orange and blondes to create a pastel pink hue. Very pale at the roots, this strawberry blonde hair color look is best worn by fair women with porcelain or ivory skin.

9Strawberry blonde Ombre

This version of strawberry blonde hair color is in a reverse ombre style that transitions from a light to a warm strawberry tone. Platinum highlights at the top keep this color looking extra-dimensional, and help roots to balance out big curls at the ends.

10Pale Light Blonde Ombre

A softer strawberry ombre style, this look features a subdued shade of red on top, and pale blonde color in a more subtle ombre fashion. Mixing different shades of strawberry blonde color, and adding this color to your ends involves the potentially damaging lightening process, making this a style to stay away from if you’ve already got damaged ends.

11Strawberry To Platinum Ombre

This style features a darker strawberry auburn right at the roots, and transitions into a very pale platinum throughout most of the hair’s length. A trendy and chic color choice, this style is best worn by women who don’t mind frequent trips to the salon to maintain this multi-tonal ombre. We love the choppy look along with the waves as it really brings out an effortless chic look.

12Long layers strawberry blonde highlights with dark roots

If you want something super trendy try these super long layers. Long hair with lots of layers is perfect for showing off dimensional color. Roots are left a dark brunette shade that helps to make the strawberry blonde highlights look even more vibrant. This rich color contrast is best shown off when hair is worn in curled or braided styles.

13Dark Red and Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

This two tone style with long beachy waves combines vibrant red with golden blonde, making it a bold color choice for women who want their hair to be even more eye-catching than a standard strawberry blonde color.

14Light sandy strawberry blonde highlights

Now firmly entrenched in color trends, it’s hard to believe dark roots were once considered a huge hair faux pas. This sandy strawberry blonde hair has dark reddish roots, while subtle strawberry highlights are spread throughout the rest of hair. This color is not intense and can easily be hidden by wearing a side part or by pulling your hair back.

15Gingery dark strawberry blonde hair Color

Ginger and chestnut tones play together in this darker version of strawberry blonde hair.  Hair with this kind of orange tone tends to match too closely with very warm, tanned complexions, but it makes a nice autumn color choice for women whose skin is on the fair side. Pair this hair color with smoky eyes and nude lips makeup.

16Chic Short cut strawberry blonde hair

Although many strawberry blondes wear the shade with a fun and trendy cut, Cate Blanchett proves that the shade looks equally stunning on shorter, chic hairstyles. The color is mostly golden blonde with subtle ginger spread throughout and looks especially good on women with blue-green eyes. Pair this look with your favorite coral lipstick and you’re set to go.

17Madonna strawberry blonde waves

A soft hairstyle for the often edgy Queen of Pop, Madonna’s strawberry hair is colored in a layered style that’s fairly pale on the outside with deeper copper tones underneath. Neutral choices in her makeup and outfit allow this color to be the star of her look, but if you prefer more colorful clothing choices opt for something like violet or aqua.

18Golden Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The warm golden and auburn tones in this color are ideal for making hazel or light brown eyes come alive while giving skin a sunkissed glow. A strawberry blonde that doesn’t feature much blonde, this is a good color choice if you’re transitioning from a lighter summer shade to something more rich for the fall.

19Bold Strawberry Blonde Highlights

While neither of the colors used here are especially intense, the blonde highlights are liberally applied throughout the hair’s length, for a big statement style that isn’t trying to look natural. To make the most out of the contrasting colors, wear hair in big, bold curls.

20Strawberry pixie with auburn highlights

Michelle Williams’ trendsetting blonde pixie got a boost of depth and sophistication when she went for an auburn strawberry blonde shade. This deep pale orange-strawberry blonde works wonders with hazel eyes and peachy cheeks, helping Michelle to look fresh-faced and chic at the same time. While Michelle is daring in wearing her eyebrows in a matching shade, it’s fine to wear this hair color with your naturally darker brows.

21Warm Strawberry Lilac Blonde

This light strawberry blonde hair color balayage is just stunning! We love the mix of light pink and warm blonde tones.

22Strawberry blonde balayage Highlights

This light strawberry blonde hair has the most gorgeous highlight mix of light blonde and strawberry hues.

23Peach Light strawberry blonde hair color


24Light strawberry rose gold hair


25Strawberry reddish blonde hair


26Light strawberry blonde hair balayage




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