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Styling Tips

When it comes to girls hairstyles, the most important things to keep in mind are practicality, appropriateness, and of course, cuteness! Depending on the school that she attends, there may be some rules regarding which hairstyles she can have in order to be in compliance with the dress code. For example, super strict schools may require that girls wear their hair in a bun or in a braid, whereas other schools may encourage girls to express themselves without restriction when it comes to their choice in hair color and style. Generally speaking, most schools will require that girls, at a minimum, select a hairstyle that won’t be too distracting to their peers during lessons. Considering this, it’s always a good idea to check on the rules at school before a dramatic change is made.  

Since most girls are involved in extra-curricular activities after they finish schooling for the day, it is a good idea to have a few hairstyles at the ready for when hair needs to be pulled back. For example, all girls should know how to put their hair into a simple braid, and how to quickly throw their hair into a ponytail. With this in mind, the most practical haircuts are probably not heavily layered since layers may get in the way during sports. Plus, heavy layers may make her look more mature than her years. At around age 10, most girl start to demand a bit more freedom from their parents about what to do with their hair, so it is important for girls and their parents to establish boundaries about what is appropriate. Considering this, it is not uncommon for parents to set age milestone rules about things like when they can dye their hair (and what colors!) and what type of extensions (if any) are acceptable.

Cute Girl Hairstyles Types and Ideas

How to Tell Which Cute Girls Hairstyle is Perfect for Her

When choosing the best girls hairstyle for her, practicality and appropriateness are more important factors than they are for more mature women. For example, most adult women may have minor rules they need to abide by in the workplace, but girls are often subject to stricter rules about how they can wear their hair in school. Having said that, girls can use hair accessories like headbands and barrettes to express themselves if they feel limited by their school’s rules.

Another factor to consider when choosing a girl’s hairstyle is ease of maintenance and styling. Shoulder length cuts and bobs are popular choices amongst parents of girls who are younger than 10 because at that age girls are usually not patient enough to brush out long hair and keep it free of tangles. However, as girls get older, they often like to grow their hair out longer so that they can have fun with creating different styles. For young girls who refuse to have short hair, a good option for parents is to braid their daughters’ hair to help prevent it from becoming a tangled mess that they have to deal with everyday.  

In terms of cute styling options, braids, pigtails and ponytails are classic choices that look adorable on all girls! While standard braids and ponytails are most common for younger girls, older girls will often wear more elaborate versions of these staple styles. For example, an older girl might wear pigtail braids that are braided in a fishtail style, or she might make a ponytail and wrap a small braid around it.  

Trendiest Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair and Long Hair 2016

Cute braided hairstyles: Fishtail braid

cute girl hairstyles

Braids are always popular amongst girls of all ages! Side braids are the most common because they are easiest to create and it’s okay for them to be a little bit messy. A fishtail braid is a more complex version of a traditional braid, but once you master how to do it, it will feel like second nature! If you don’t know how to do a fishtail braid, there are many tutorials online, or you can enlist the help of one of your friends who can teach you how to create this type of braid. Alternatively, regular braids are always a cute option for girls hairstyles as well.

Cute hairstyles for school: Ponytail with Headband


Most women will remember having a huge collection of headbands back when they were younger. Girls love headbands and sometimes they will even wear their hair in a particular way for the purpose of showing off their cute headband! A simple ponytail with a headband is a classic cute girls hairstyle. Like all accessories, certain styles of headbands are trendier than others. Right now, simple flat and wide elastic fabric headbands are a popular choice amongst girls.

Cute easy hairstyles: Hair worn down with a thin braid in front

Hair worn down with a thin braid in front

This is one of our favorite cute hairstyles for medium length hair and for long hair. For the most part, girls love having long hair and enjoy adding a bit of pizzazz with a small braid! Especially for girls who find that their long hair gets in their face, adding a small braid in front is a great way to keep their face clear of annoying hair while also looking stylish!

Cute hairstyles for long hair: Super long straight hair with side part


side partWhether or not straight hair is the most flattering option, school-age girls generally operate under the assumption that the sleeker the hair is, the better. Typically, older girls start to experiment more with adding waves and body, but for younger girls, having super long and straight hair with a middle part is very trendy.

Best Colors: Cute Hairstyles for Girls

The best color for girls hairstyles is usually just their natural color, especially if they are young girls. Girls who are in high school and even middle school might begin to experiment with highlights or allover color with permission from their parents and as long as these color changes do not violate school policies. Some girls go through phases where they want to try out bright and crazy colors and others are hesitant to tamper with their natural color in case they don’t like the result of their new color. Unlike adult women, when girls change their hair color it’s not always because they consciously decide that the color flatters their unique coloring and facial features. A lot of times girls will experiment with changing their hair color if they see their friends or celebrities wearing certain looks. Most adult women will look back on their youth and cringe when they remember some hair choice they made in order to look “cool,” and hair color is often one of these future cringe-inducing choices that girls make! Having said that, being young is the perfect time for girls to experiment with their look and no hair dye mistake is unfixable!


Celebrity Inspired Cute and Easy Hairstyles 2016

Ava Phillippe: Ponytail with simple headband


Why we love this cute girls hairstyle: If you couldn’t guess, Ava is the look-a-like daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. At 16, she hasn’t yet decided whether to follow in her parents footsteps as a star in Hollywood, but for now she is a style icon to watch for girls her age. Ava’s ponytail is neat and understated, and her sparkly headband adds a pop of stylish flair! We love this hairstyle because it is fun, practical, and totally age appropriate.  

Abigail Breslin: Long side fishtail braid 


Why we love this cute girls hairstyle: Side braids are super popular, and Abigail’s awesome fishtail braid is sure to be the envy of lots of girls! We love this look because it is intricate, but also a little bit edgy since it’s not perfectly neat. Although Abigail is famous and doesn’t lead a “normal” life, this would be a great hairstyle for any girl who was attending a social event or just wanted to wear a fancy ponytail to school.

Chloe Grace Moretz:cute curly hairstyles with a middle part

Chloe Grace Moretz

Why we love this cute hairstyle for long hair: Chloe’s hair is understated, but very beautiful and age-appropriate. At 18, Chloe just became a legal adult, but she is still navigating the style waters between girl and woman. This simple hairstyle is a great choice for young women because it is mature, but it is not older than her years.

Isabella Moner: Super straight long hair with a dramatic side part 

isabella Moner

Why we love this cute girls hairstyle: At just 14, Isabella is on the up and coming list of talented child stars to keep an eye on. Like many girls her age, Isabella is partial to the dramatic side part and super sleek long hair. This is a very simple, timeless hairstyle that looks good on all girls.

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