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Cute Long Hairstyles For Women

Long hair is definitely in. Many women with long hair do not feel like there is much to do with it. Some long hair is hereditary and some take a little work. Creating good practice like keeping clean and moisturized hair are a great way to promote long and strong hair. Fine hair can be a bit harder to deal with because you are constantly trying to achieve fuller and thicker looking hair. Things such as layers and volumizing hair products can make the finest hair look so voluminous. Because choosing your next hairstyle can be a daunting task we have taken the hassle off of your hands. We have gathered 25 super trendy long hairstyles and haircuts for fine hair. These looks will transform your fine locs into bouncy volume filled greatness. We hope you like and try some of these looks the next time you go to the hair salon.

1Blonde natural textured hair

Hilary duff has always had beautiful blonde locs. Here she is rocking her long lush locs that have layers and a natural texture.

2Middle part ombre style with loose curls

Ombre is a widely popular trend. We love the dark root and how it transitions to a dark brown and into different hues of brown.

3Long red curls with bangs

We are so loving these long loose curls. With the added bang it gives this look a fun twist. If you want a more boho chic look add clip-in hair feathers like the one pictured here. Better yet hit your local craft store and make your own. Warning it can become addictive.

4Medium long hairstyles: Simple blonde layered wrap cut

We love this simple two-toned cut. This cut has rounded layers that frames rounder faces. The brown undertones really brings out earth-toned eyes like green and brown. To add a kick to this look also consider adding a few variations of red undertones.

5Long blonde and brown curls

We love these beautiful curls. The blonde and black tone paired with a natural face is definitely an attention grabber, in a good way of course. Many think that blonde and black paired together is a no go but if done correctly it can be totally stylish. So if you’re looking for Ombre hairstyles for long hair, this one is a must try!

6Long bob hairstyles: Long blonde bob

We are so loving this long bob. This is not your typical stacked or short bob. If you want a change without a drastic change in length then this longer blunt cut bob is surely a winner. This bob is slightly angled and would look amazing in colors like chocolate brown or coco cola red.

7Fiery red emo cut

If you’re into the emo cuts then this modern style is perfect for you. This is red with orange undertones and golden highlights are the perfect color combination for the fall and winter season. Colors like this look great paired with pastel and monochrome outfits.

8Simple blonde curls

Sometimes keeping it simple is the key. For your everyday look go for this super simple blonde collar bone length style with light layers and curls. To get more relaxed curls use foam rollers instead of plastic ones. Also use a foam setting spray tailored for fine hair as this will give you the most volume for the completed look.

9Side fishtail braid with side part

One style that is perfect for fine hair is a fishtail braid. This is a side fishtail braid with a side part. This is perfect for the summer time to keep your hair out of your face.

10Curly side-swept low ponytail

Adding curls to your hair can add the effect of having thicker and fuller hair. We are loving this simple and elegant side ponytail which is great for those special occasions. You can even add extensions to this look to achieve even fuller or longer hair.

11Sleek natural style with bangs

We all love long hairstyles with bangs. This style is sleek and perfect for our girl bosses on the go. This style requires very little maintenance so you can wake up, brush, and go handle business. The blonde highlights really brighten the look. To give it an even more, chic look add jet black roots and you’ll look like the ultimate boss

12 Ariana grande signature style

Looking for cute hairstyles for long hair for prom night or a wedding? Get Ariana Grande signature style by splitting your hair in two and placing the top half in a mid-low ponytail then add curls to the bottom half.

13Sleek braided ponytail

If easy hairstyles for long hair is what you’re looking for than look no further! We love this sleek mid braided ponytail. Go from day to night by turning this into a braided bun. This is also a great protective style and great for those who want a low maintenance hairstyle.

14Simple side ponytail

Sometimes less is more and in this case that saying is totally on point. Lauren looks stunning even in this simple side ponytail. What are you stressing for? If you’re in a hurry and just want to have an easy going long straight hairstyles look, then throw your hair in a side pony and forget about it. Ponytails are one style that will never go out of style no matter your age.

15Crown braid with curly ponytail

We love this crown braided style with the added touch of a large barrel curl. This style is suitable for special or casual wear. Pull apart to create larger curls or if you plan to wear down. This is a great day to night transitional style. Don’t forget to slick down your edges with your favorite edge control gel.

16Natural hair press and curl

Traci Ellis Ross is known for her big curly fro. We love how she switched it up and went for a press and curl style. This really shows the versatility of natural hair. When you press your hair out add a few drops of grapeseed oil to avoid frizz, lock in moisture, and avoid heat damage.

17Natural hair twist out

If you have natural hair specifically fine natural hair styles like twist outs and braid outs help to make the hair strands appear thicker than they really hair. These styles are also great for locking in moisture. Avoid heavy products for fine hair because it weighs your hair down and makes your hair appear even thinner than it is.

18Prom hairstyles for long hair: Platinum blonde curls

Christina is known for her bright platinum blonde locs. We love these simple curls paired with her signature bold red lipstick. This style has hints of golden yellow which gives her skin a healthy glow.

19Pulled back curly style

Lauren Conrad is definitely a style icon with her long wavy hairstyles. We love her soft and whimsical style. We totally adore this half pinned back style with tight spiral curls. To add a bit of edge to this look at a leather jacket as pictured here. Under your leather jacket pair with a pastel tone top to have the best of both worlds. Keep your makeup light and fesh.

20Wavy undercut

Undercuts are amazing cuts no matter the thickness of your hair. They are edgy and can be feminine like the style pictured here. We love how these soft waves add a touch of softness to this otherwise edgy long undercut look. To tighten your waves wand curl for 30 seconds.

21Long layered hairstyles: Flipped ombre layers

We are used to seeing curly styles but flip styles are still an it thing. If you’re one that doesn’t like your hair in your face every day then going for an alternative flipped style will be your savior. If you are trying to show off your amazing facial features or your amazing makeup skills this is the style for you.

22Lush Wand curls

Wand curls and long curly hairstyles have become very popular and we see why. Ditch your normal curling iron and try out these romantic style curls. A wand curler is definitely a purchase you won’t regret. Wand curls look great on any hair type whether it be straight, curly, or kinky.

23The 90s crimps

Tyra Banks is not only a trendsetter in the modeling world but she is also famous for her amazing wigs. We are loving this crimped style that throws us back into the 90s that can be worn on any type of hair. We love how all of these

24Two french braids

The classic double french braids are the perfect style for any woman. If you work out or just do not have time to dedicate to your hair this style not only lasts days at a time but also is a great protective style.

25 Jumbo fishtail braid

Looking for an easy go-to style? This jumbo fishtail braid is the perfect style for women on the go. Even if you have fine hair you can achieve this quick and easy style. Leave about an inch unbraided and add a pop of temporary color to your ends.



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