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Party Hairstyles for New Years and Christmas

Hello holiday season! Every year it seems like the holidays sneak up on us, whether we’re ready or not. Of course it’s a great time of year to spend time with your loved ones, it’s also a busy time of year filled with parties and occasions to get ready for. We’re sure you’re just like us and this can cause some major stress in your life. Figuring out how to style your hair for the holiday season is a task all on its own. To alleviate some of your stress we’ve rounded up a list of some pretty epic party hairstyles for New Years and Christmas. Happy holiday hairstyling!

1Loosely Pinned Side

Keep your holiday hairstyle simple and glam with this look. Start by creating loose waves or curls in your hair. Add some volume at the roots using a teasing comb and hairspray. Once you’ve achieve the texture and volume you like, take a small section on one side and pin it back using bobby pins. How gorgeous is this?!

2Bobby Pin Style

This year hair accessories have made a major comeback on the trend front. If you’ve scrolled through Instagram recently you probably saw influencers and hair stylists using bobby pins not just for function, but also for style. This is a super easy way to style your hair for New Years and Christmas – all you need is a few bobby pins!

3Accessorized with a Bow

Another hair accessory option for New Years and Christmas hair?! Bows! With a lot of 90’s inspiration in fashion and beauty right now, bows have been another accessory that’s comeback in full force. Curl the ends of your hair and pull back the top portion of your hair into a low half-up ponytail. Secure with a bow to compliment your outfit and voila!

4Braided Headband

Instead of using a hair accessory to change up your hairstyle – use your hair AS the accessory. Isn’t this hairstyle so gorgeous? We’re in love! Keep your hair straight, or as your preferred texture (i.e. curly, wavy, etc.). Then use a section of your hair to braid your hair, once you’ve styled the braid wrap it over the top of your head and secure on the other side to get a headband look.

5Low Pony Braid

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that keeps the majority of your hair pulled back, this is stunning inspo! A simple low ponytail gets a major holiday appropriate update when a braid is styled on one side of the ponytail. Styling a braid that leads into the low ponytail makes this anything but your average low pony.

6Bubbles for NYE

Glam girls – this hairstyle is for you! We’re in awe of this major glam moment for the holiday season. Lots of volume and drama = a lot of style. The good news? This is an easy hairstyle to recreate! Start by teasing the base of your hair to get that volume at the roots. Then pull a section of your hair back to create a half up hairstyle, secure with a hair tie. Pull back another small section and secure a bit further down. Continue to the process. Once you’ve secured the sections pull the hair between each hair tie to get added volume to get the bubble aesthetic.

7Top Knot Style

We don’t know about you but we love a classic top knot hairstyle. If you want to keep it simple, but still look put together for New Years and Christmas – a top knot is a great way to go. Pull out a few pieces, like they did here, to get an effortless vibe.

8Braided Edge

HELLO GORGEOUS! We’re in love with this edgy hairstyle for the holidays. You’ve seen braided hairstyles but this is a different take on the look. Braid the hair in a different direction, as shown, to really accentuate the side swept hair feel.

9Fishtail Fashion

Braids are such a gorgeous way to change the look of your hairstyle and make it feel more appropriate for the holiday seasons. This is another great example of how you can style a fishtail braid on one side to transform loose curls. Wrap the braid back and secure with a few bobby pins to keep it in place all night long.

10Flapper Inspired Hair

Looking for an easy way to add more glam to your hair for New Years? Pop on a rhinestone headband! This look is giving us all the flapper vibes and we’re here for it for New Years. Instead of wearing the headband on top of your head, bring it down to wrap around your forehead like they did here for a retro feel.

11Slicked Back Shine

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have started this trend (i.e. Dorit’s reunion look a couple years ago!), but we’re in love with this wearable take on the hairstyle. Create a strong part in your hair (center or side works for this), after creating gorgeous waves in your hair then apply glitter or foiling to one side of your hair. This is a major glam moment – NYE perfection for the trendsetters!

12Wrapped in Pearls

We told you it’s ALL about adding accessories to hairstyles right now and the holiday season is the perfect time to embrace this trend to add some extra glam to your looks. Use pearl garland to wrap in a loosely styled braid. The pearl garland completely changes the way this simple style looks. Get garland like this from a beauty supply store or amazon!

13Easy Chic

For the occasions during the holidays when you just want to keep your hair simple – use this as inspiration! All you have to do is pull your hair back into a classic, sleek low ponytail. Complete the hairstyle and bring a holiday aesthetic into the mix by adding a headband. Doesn’t get much easier than this!

14Oversized Braid Glam

Make a statement with your hair for the holidays with an oversized braided ponytail. This braid gets that oversized look by securing a hair tie (if you look closely you can see) and then wrapping the hair around each time. Bring even more drama to the braid by applying glitter to the braid.

15Shining Stars

Even if your hair isn’t this bold pink color, you can get a similar look that will make waves at any holiday party you attend. Give your hair a whole new look when you apply stars throughout the hair. You can achieve a look like this using hair glitter, clips, or another type of hair accessory.

16Knotted Bows

We showed you a hairstyle that used a hair bow – another way to rock that hair trend is by using your hair to create the actual bow. How unique is this?! Even with simple, straight hair when you tie your hair into a bow you’re left with a gorgeous hairstyle.

17Party Half Pony

The queen of glam shows us how to rock a half up hairstyle that’s perfection for the holidays. Tease your hair on the top to make it easier to get that volume in the back. Leave some of the hair in front out of the hair with a defined center part to frame your face and give a half up hairstyle a glam twist.

18Dainty Braids

Combine two trends into one hairstyle for this holiday appropriate hairstyle. Style three small braids on the top center of your head. Instead of leaving the braids as is, give them an updo type of look by securing them together to get an edgy take on a half up ponytail.

19Wrapping Your Ponytail

Low ponytails may be one of the easiest ways to pull your hair back into an updo – making it perfect for when you need to do your own hair for a party. Use your favorite product to tame flyaways and add shine to your hair to pull this look together. Don’t forget to wrap some of your hair around the hair tie to get a sophisticated look like this.

20Effortless Braid

Looking for a hairstyle that’s a bit more effortless for New Years and Christmas? This is for you! Simply style your hair in a low ponytail braid – don’t worry about being perfect here. The less ‘perfect’ the more it adds to that effortless aesthetic.

21Layering Headbands

We’re in love with this hairstyle for New years and Christmas! You’re probably familiar with using headbands in your hair but what about adding multiple headbands?! Use thin headbands together to add a more dramatic look to beachy waves. You can even use your hair as a headband like they did here!

22Hollywood Glam

There’s something about this Old Hollywood glam look that we’ll never get tired of, especially when you want to look/feel glam but keep your hair fairly simple. If you want to allow your dress or makeup to really pop opt for a hairstyle like this to compliment a bold look.

23Glamour Star Pony

Of course we had to include a few party pony hairstyles for New Years and Christmas! Party pony = major glam moment. We love how this dramatic ponytail gets a holiday twist with rhinestone stars secured throughout the base of the ponytail.

24Pinned with Pearls

This is such a gorgeous way for short hair ladies to style their hair for the holidays. Well, ok – any hair length can rock a similar style! This look definitely gives that effortless feel, which is a great juxtaposition to classic pearls added throughout the hair.

25Curled Buns

New Years and Christmas is often when we all go a little more glam with our looks. Want a trendy hairstyle? Try this look! Braid your hair in two sections on top of your head, securing each into a messy bun. Half up hairstyle with a trendy twist!

26Side Clipping Style

You saw how you can use classic bobby pins as an accessory for your holiday hair, if you want a little extra style this is a fun alterative! Right now there are a ton of gorgeous hair pins with different embellishments and designs – combine various styles together for a unique take on a simple hairstyle.

27Twisted Stars

At first glance this hairstyle looks pretty detailed, but when you take a closer look you will see that it’s pretty classic. Create the twisted look by pulling back your hair and twisting at the area when they meet in the back of your head. Elevate the twisted look by adding start embellishments to one side of the hair.

28Simple Hairstyles

How chic is this hairstyle for New Year and Christmas?! So pretty! The best part…so easy to DIY. We love when a hairstyle doesn’t need to be perfect to look gorgeous. They styled hair in a center part here but you can achieve the same effect with a deep side part if that’s more your style.

29Sleek Style Braids

Style your hair in a side braid that’s got a sleek look like Jessica Alba did here. The key is to create that deep side part and straight hair as straight as possible. Use a straightener and hair product to get your hair pin straight like this.

30Slicked Sides

Leaving your hair down doesn’t always look this glam! Start with a center part and adding just a slight wave into the hair (can also be done with straight hair though!). Tease the hair at the crown in the back of your head and make sure to take flyaways. Then slick back the sides of your hair and pin behind the ears using bobby pins. We suggest using gel and/or hairspray to get this slicked back style.

31Wet Hair Look

32Textured Taste

33Twisting Clip

34Braided Messy Bun

35Beach Waves Turned NYE Glam



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