Cute Birthday Hairstyles

Cute Birthday Hairstyles

Birthday coming up?! Happy (early) birthday, queen! It’s your special day so of course, you want to have special hair for the occasion. We know it can be tricky finding the perfect birthday hair to match your outfit. We thought we would help you get into the birthday spirit with some cute birthday hairstyle ideas to get inspired by. Scroll through some of our birthday hairstyles picks and let us know which one(s) is your favorite!

1Cute Retro Hair Accessory

It’s your birthday and that means you can be a little ‘extra’ for the occasion. Why not?! We thought this hair accessory was so unique and fun for a birthday hairstyle. The look is really simple with a half up bun to allow the accessory to be the focus.

2Hairbands Cute Birthday Hairstyle

Add some fun color to your birthday hair with mini hairbands. This is a major 90’s throwback and we’re totally here for it for a birthday look. Get creative with the design and use colors that match your birthday outfit.

3Glitter Part Birthday Braids

Ok, can we have a moment for this hair idea?! Adding GLITTER to the part of your hairstyle? Ok! That’s certainly one way to add major glam to your birthday hairstyle.

4Wavy and Cute Birthday Hairstyle

Let everyone know it’s your birthday with a headband that says it loud and proud. We really love the subtle wave added to hair here to make the look modern, trendy and birthday ready.

5Fierce Headband Style

A less obvious birthday headband option is a printed headband. Of course, this is a hairstyle you can rock anytime, but don’t underestimate the power of a simple look for your special day. If you want to add a little pop of color or print to your look – add a headband.

6Wavy Glam Birthday Hairstyle

Whether you have extra long extensions or not, it’s all about the wavy hair right now. It’s stylish and sexy – both attributes we want to feel on our birthday. Style in a center part for more drama.

7Bouncy and Cute Birthday Curls

Waves not really your thing? Bouncy curls may be more your speed. This is a major glam moment that we’re in love with for any birthday. A deep center part adds more volume and bounce to the hair.

8Edgy Birthday Braid

How is this for birthday hair? Braid + glitter = we’re in love! We especially love the fact that the braid was parted to create this triangle shape to add a bit of edge to the look.

9Wrapped Braids

Expect to see a lot of braids on the birthday hairstyles list. Let’s face it, braids have a way of elevating every hairstyle. We thought this was such a gorgeous pigtail braid look, with the wrapped detailing at the end and center of the braids.

10Crystal Bobby Pins

Keep your birthday hairstyle simple and festive with this cute idea. A messy bun hasn’t looked this birthday ready in a while – don’t you agree? It is amazing what a few rhinestone bobby pins can do to transform a messy bun.

11Star Pinned Ponytail

Messy bun not really your speed, or can’t ever seem to get it the right kind of messy? Switch it out for a sleek high ponytail like this! Again, sliding in a crystal pin gives you just enough birthday festivity.

12Sassy and Cute Birthday Hairstyle

Celebrate your day of birth in style and say it with your hair! How cute are these ‘dirty thirty’ pins? Even with your hair straight, the custom pins turn your hair from average to birthday ready.

13Double Headband Birthday Hair

One headband? No, we’re stacking headbands for your birthday! We thought this was such a creative way to style hair for a birthday (or any other occasion for that matter). Tie hair back around the headbands to help hold them in place and you’ve got a gorgeous hairstyle.

14Drippin Clip

Notice a theme? Rhinestone (or crystal) hair pins are the way to go when it comes to birthday hair! They really allow you to keep your hair simple, while still adding that birthday pop to the look.

15Flower Accessories

If your birthday is in the spring or summer this is gorgeous for your day! Pinning a couple of simple flowers to hair adds a little extra detail that makes the hair feel more special.

16Glitter Birthday Braid

You already know we stand for a braided hairstyle, especially one that incorporates GLITTER. If this doesn’t scream birthday style we don’t know what does anymore. Use tiny hair ties to get this oversized braid look.

17Half Top Knot Birthday Hairstyle

Half up hair, but make it birthday ready! The way to do that? Tie the half up section into a top knot. Don’t you think it adds a little extra drama to hair?

18Pearlized Birthday Hair

Headbands continue to hold a special place in our heart when it comes to hairstyles for any occasion. They’re so versatile! This pearl headband is such a cute way to make curled hair feel like it’s birthday hair.

19Mini Banded Style

We hope you aren’t done with headband hairstyle ideas because they’re not quite complete. We thought this was such a cute look, with a MINI headband styled with super straight hair. It’s just a touch of glam to elevate straight hair.

20Multiple Clips

Make your birthday hairstyle personalized with a mix of hair clips! Seriously, even if you wear your hair straight or wavy think about stacking a couple of hair clips with your name, words, or anything else that resonates with you.

21Birthday Bun

Do classic buns ever go out of style? Well no! That’s why they’re classics. Give your go-to bun hairstyle a birthday twist by adding a pearl or rhinestone accessory at the base like this.

22Perky Pony Birthday Hairstyle

The Kardashians and Jenners made this throwback hairstyle trendy again and we think it’s so chic for a birthday hairstyle look. Perky ponytail, with the flip at the ends and face framing pieces = we love it!

23Rhinestone Braids

We instantly fell in love with this hairstyle for a birthday look. The loose curls, triangle braid and rhinestone star clips is the combination we didn’t realize we all needed to appreciate.

24Sleek Birthday Ponytail

Sleek doesn’t mean boring, this proves that statement. Pull your hair back into a super sleek, straight ponytail. Don’t forget to use a section of hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail to really tie it all together.

25Slicked Back Bun

Another sleek, simple hairstyle that’s anything but basic and boring. This is very similar to the previous inspiration picture, but this is a bun instead of a ponytail. Which one is more your style?

26Chignon Accessories

Are you looking for more romantic and elegant Birthday Hairstyles looks? You should consider a classic low bun updo with middle part bangs framing the face.

27Glam Top Knot

28Twisted Curls

29Present Inspired

30Wavy Half Up Hair



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